INSPIRE code list register

INSPIRE code list register
Content Summary:
The INSPIRE code list register contains the code lists and their values, as defined in the INSPIRE implementing rules on interoperability of spatial data sets and services (Commission Regulation (EU) No 1089/2010). NOTE: It does not yet include references to external code lists and the additional code lists and extended values proposed in the Data Specification Technical Guidelines.
European Union
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European Commission, Joint Research Centre
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Code Lists

LabelThemesApplication schemaParentsStatus
Geometry MethodAddressesValid
Geometry SpecificationAddressesValid
Locator Designator TypeAddressesValid
Locator LevelAddressesValid
Locator Name TypeAddressesValid
Part TypeAddressesValid
Baseline Segment TypeMaritime UnitsValid
Maritime Zone TypeMaritime UnitsValid
Administrative Hierarchy LevelAdministrative UnitsValid
Cadastral Zoning LevelCadastral ParcelsValid
Grammatical GenderGeographical NamesValid
Grammatical NumberGeographical NamesValid
Named Place TypeGeographical NamesValid
Name StatusGeographical NamesValid
NativenessGeographical NamesValid
Hydro Node CategoryHydro - NetworkValid
Crossing TypeHydro - Physical WatersValid
Hydrological PersistenceHydro - Physical WatersValid
Shore TypeHydro - Physical WatersValid
Water LevelHydro - Physical WatersValid
InundationHydro - Physical WatersValid
Designation SchemeProtected Sites SimpleValid
DesignationProtected Sites SimpleValid
IUCN DesignationProtected Sites SimpleValid
National Monuments Record DesignationProtected Sites SimpleValid
Natura2000 DesignationProtected Sites SimpleValid
Ramsar DesignationProtected Sites SimpleValid
UNESCO Man And Biosphere Programme DesignationProtected Sites SimpleValid
UNESCO World Heritage DesignationProtected Sites SimpleValid
Cableway TypeCable Transport NetworkValid
Aerodrome CategoryAir Transport NetworkValid
Aerodrome TypeAir Transport NetworkValid
Air Route Link ClassAir Transport NetworkValid
Air Route TypeAir Transport NetworkValid
Airspace Area TypeAir Transport NetworkValid
Air Use RestrictionAir Transport NetworkValid
Navaid TypeAir Transport NetworkValid
Point RoleAir Transport NetworkValid
Runway TypeAir Transport NetworkValid
Surface CompositionAir Transport NetworkValid
Form Of Railway NodeRailway Transport NetworkValid
Railway TypeRailway Transport NetworkValid
Railway UseRailway Transport NetworkValid
Ferry UseWater Transport NetworkValid
Form Of Waterway NodeWater Transport NetworkValid
Restriction TypeCommon Transport ElementsValid
Access RestrictionCommon Transport ElementsValid
Area ConditionRoad Transport NetworkValid
Road PartRoad Transport NetworkValid
Road Surface CategoryRoad Transport NetworkValid
Speed Limit SourceRoad Transport NetworkValid
Vehicle TypeRoad Transport NetworkValid
Weather ConditionRoad Transport NetworkValid
Form Of Road NodeRoad Transport NetworkValid
Form Of WayRoad Transport NetworkValid
Road Service TypeRoad Transport NetworkValid
Service FacilityRoad Transport NetworkValid
Breakline TypeElevation - Vector ElementsValid
Spot Elevation ClassificationElevation - Vector ElementsValid
Spot Elevation TypeElevation - Vector ElementsValid
Anthropogenic Geomorphologic Feature TypeGeologyValid
Borehole PurposeGeologyValid
Collection TypeGeologyValid
Composition Part RoleGeologyValid
Event EnvironmentGeologyValid
Event ProcessGeologyValid
Fault TypeGeologyValid
Fold Profile TypeGeologyValid
Geochronologic EraGeologyValid
Geologic Unit TypeGeologyValid
Geomorphologic ActivityGeologyValid
Mapping FrameGeologyValid
Natural Geomorphologic Feature TypeGeologyValid
Thematic ClassificationGeologyValid
Thematic ClassGeologyValid
Active Well TypeHydrogeologyValid
Aquifer Media TypeHydrogeologyValid
Aquifer TypeHydrogeologyValid
Condition Of GroundwaterHydrogeologyValid
Hydrogeochemical Rock TypeHydrogeologyValid
Natural Object TypeHydrogeologyValid
Status Code TypeHydrogeologyValid
Water PersistenceHydrogeologyValid
Water SalinityHydrogeologyValid
Campaign TypeGeophysicsValid
Network NameGeophysicsValid
Platform TypeGeophysicsValid
Profile TypeGeophysicsValid
Station RankGeophysicsValid
Station TypeGeophysicsValid
Survey TypeGeophysicsValid
Swath TypeGeophysicsValid
Land Cover ClassLand Cover NomenclatureValid
Interpolation MethodOrthoimageryValid
Livestock SpeciesAgricultural and Aquaculture Facilities ModelValid
Aquaculture SpeciesAgricultural and Aquaculture Facilities ModelValid
Environmental DomainArea Management Restriction and Regulation ZonesValid
Specialised Zone Type CodeArea Management Restriction and Regulation ZonesValid
Zone Type CodeArea Management Restriction and Regulation ZonesValid
EU Air Quality Reference ComponentAtmospheric Conditions and Meteorological Geographical FeaturesValid
WMO GRIB Code and Flags Table 4.2Atmospheric Conditions and Meteorological Geographical FeaturesValid
Environmental Stratification ClassificationBio-geographical RegionsValid
Marine Strategy Framework Directive ClassificationBio-geographical RegionsValid
Natura 2000 And Emerald Bio-geographical Region ClassificationBio-geographical RegionsValid
Natural Vegetation ClassificationBio-geographical RegionsValid
Region Classification LevelBio-geographical RegionsValid
Region Classification SchemeBio-geographical RegionsValid
Region ClassificationBio-geographical RegionsValid
Condition Of ConstructionBuilding BaseValid
Height StatusBuilding BaseValid
Elevation ReferenceBuilding BaseValid
Current UseBuilding BaseValid
Building NatureBuilding BaseValid
Horizontal Geometry ReferenceBuilding BaseValid
Classification and Quantification FrameworkEnergy Resources BaseValid
Fossil Fuel ClassEnergy Resources BaseValid
Fossil FuelEnergy Resources BaseValid
Renewable and WasteEnergy Resources BaseValid
Vertical ReferenceEnergy Resources BaseValid
Potential TypeEnergy Resources BaseValid
Measurement RegimeEnvironmental Monitoring FacilitiesValid
MediaEnvironmental Monitoring FacilitiesValid
Process TypeEnvironmental Monitoring FacilitiesValid
Purpose Of CollectionEnvironmental Monitoring FacilitiesValid
Result Acquisition SourceEnvironmental Monitoring FacilitiesValid
Result NatureEnvironmental Monitoring FacilitiesValid
Specialised EMF TypeEnvironmental Monitoring FacilitiesValid
EUNIS Habitat Type CodeHabitats and BiotopesValid
Habitats Directive CodeHabitats and BiotopesValid
Local Name CodeHabitats and BiotopesValid
Marine Strategy Framework Directive CodeHabitats and BiotopesValid
Qualifier Local NameHabitats and BiotopesValid
Reference Habitat Type CodeHabitats and BiotopesValid
Reference Habitat Type SchemeHabitats and BiotopesValid
ChemicalHuman HealthValid
Environment Health Component TypeHuman HealthValid
Disease Measure TypeHuman HealthValid
Environment Health Determinant TypeHuman HealthValid
Health Services TypeHuman HealthValid
MatrixHuman HealthValid
Environmental Health Media TypeHuman HealthValid
Noise Source TypeHuman HealthValid
Statistical Aggregation MethodHuman HealthValid
International Classification Of DiseasesHuman HealthValid
Cause Of DeathHuman HealthValid
General Health TypeHuman HealthValid
HILUCSLand Use NomenclatureValid
Land Use ClassificationLand Use NomenclatureValid
Level Of Spatial PlanPlanned Land UseValid
Plan Type NamePlanned Land UseValid
Process Step GeneralPlanned Land UseValid
Regulation NaturePlanned Land UseValid
Specific Supplementary RegulationPlanned Land UseValid
Supplementary RegulationPlanned Land UseValid
Classification Method UsedMineral ResourcesValid
Commodity CodeMineral ResourcesValid
Enduse PotentialMineral ResourcesValid
Exploration Activity TypeMineral ResourcesValid
Exploration ResultMineral ResourcesValid
ImportanceMineral ResourcesValid
Mineral Deposit GroupMineral ResourcesValid
Mineral Deposit TypeMineral ResourcesValid
Mineral Occurrence TypeMineral ResourcesValid
Mine StatusMineral ResourcesValid
Mining Activity TypeMineral ResourcesValid
Processing Activity TypeMineral ResourcesValid
Reserve CategoryMineral ResourcesValid
Resource CategoryMineral ResourcesValid
Specific Exposed Element TypeNatural Risk ZonesValid
Specific Hazard TypeNatural Risk ZonesValid
Natural Hazard CategoryNatural Risk ZonesValid
Exposed Element CategoryNatural Risk ZonesValid
BODC P01 Parameter UsageOceanographic Geographical FeaturesValid
Age By 5 YearsPopulation Distribution - DemographyValid
Age By YearPopulation Distribution - DemographyValid
Classification Item TypePopulation Distribution - DemographyValid
Classification TypePopulation Distribution - DemographyValid
NACE CodePopulation Distribution - DemographyValid
Special ValuePopulation Distribution - DemographyValid
Status of Statistical DataPopulation Distribution - DemographyValid
Statistics Measurement MethodPopulation Distribution - DemographyValid
VariablePopulation Distribution - DemographyValid
Installation Part TypeProduction and Industrial FacilitiesValid
Installation TypeProduction and Industrial FacilitiesValid
Pollution Abatement TechniqueProduction and Industrial FacilitiesValid
River Basin DistrictProduction and Industrial FacilitiesValid
Type of Production BuildingProduction and Industrial FacilitiesValid
Sea Area Type ClassificationSea RegionsValid
Sea Bed CoverSea RegionsValid
Sea Surface ClassificationSea RegionsValid
Shore StabilitySea RegionsValid
Shore Type ClassificationSea RegionsValid
Zone TypeSea RegionsValid
FAO Horizon MasterSoilValid
FAO Horizon SubordinateSoilValid
FAO PrimeSoilValid
Layer Genesis Process StateSoilValid
Layer TypeSoilValid
Other Horizon Notation TypeSoilValid
Other Soil Name TypeSoilValid
Profile Element Parameter NameSoilValid
Soil Derived Object Parameter NameSoilValid
Soil Investigation PurposeSoilValid
Soil Plot TypeSoilValid
Soil Profile Parameter NameSoilValid
Soil Site Parameter NameSoilValid
WRB Qualifier PlaceSoilValid
WRB QualifiersSoilValid
WRB Reference Soil Group (RSG)SoilValid
WRB SpecifiersSoilValid
Article 17 Counting UnitSpecies DistributionValid
Counting MethodSpecies DistributionValid
Counting UnitSpecies DistributionValid
EUNIS Species CodeSpecies DistributionValid
EU-Nomen CodeSpecies DistributionValid
General Counting UnitSpecies DistributionValid
Local Species Name CodeSpecies DistributionValid
Nature Directives CodeSpecies DistributionValid
Occurrence CategorySpecies DistributionValid
Population TypeSpecies DistributionValid
QualifierSpecies DistributionValid
Reference Species CodeSpecies DistributionValid
Reference Species SchemeSpecies DistributionValid
Residency StatusSpecies DistributionValid
Evolution TypeStatistical Units VectorValid
Geometry TypeStatistical Units VectorValid
Service TypeAdministrative and Social Governmental ServicesValid
Environmental Facility ClassificationEnvironmental Management FacilitiesValid
Appurtenance TypeCommon Utility Network ElementsValid
Specific Appurtenance TypeCommon Utility Network ElementsValid
Utility Delivery TypeCommon Utility Network ElementsValid
Utility Network TypeCommon Utility Network ElementsValid
Warning TypeCommon Utility Network ElementsValid
Electricity Appurtenance TypeElectricity NetworkValid
Oil, Gas and Chemicals Appurtenance TypeOil-Gas-Chemicals NetworkValid
Oil, Gas and Chemicals Product TypeOil-Gas-Chemicals NetworkValid
Sewer Appurtenance TypeSewer NetworkValid
Sewer Water TypeSewer NetworkValid
Thermal Appurtenance TypeThermal NetworkValid
Thermal Product TypeThermal NetworkValid
Water Appurtenance TypeWater NetworkValid
Water TypeWater NetworkValid
Economic ActivityActivity ComplexValid
EU Economic Activity ClassificationActivity ComplexValid
EU Waste Statistics Economic Activity ClassificationActivity ComplexValid
Input Or OutputActivity ComplexValid
EU Product ClassificationActivity ComplexValid
EU Waste Recovery Disposal ClassificationActivity ComplexValid
EU Waste ClassificationActivity ComplexValid
Connection TypeNetworkValid
Link DirectionNetworkValid
Process Parameter NameProcessesValid
Phenomenon TypeObservable PropertiesValid
Statistical Function TypeObservable PropertiesValid
Condition of FacilityBase TypesValid
Climate and Forecast Standard NamesBase Types 2Valid
Country CodeBase Types 2Valid
GenderBase Types 2Valid
Legislation LevelBase Types 2Valid
Party RoleBase Types 2Valid
Role of a Related PartyBase Types 2Valid
Role CodeBase Types 2Valid
Plot Activity ValueAgricultural and Aquaculture Facilities ModelValid
Health Status ValueAgricultural and Aquaculture Facilities ModelValid
Aquaculture Activity ValueAgricultural and Aquaculture Facilities ModelValid
Environment ValueAgricultural and Aquaculture Facilities ModelValid
Installation Part ValueAgricultural and Aquaculture Facilities ModelValid
Aquaculture Installation ValueAgricultural and Aquaculture Facilities ModelValid
Irrigation Methode ValueAgricultural and Aquaculture Facilities ModelValid
Type of Agri-Building ValueAgricultural and Aquaculture Facilities ModelValid
Water Source ValueAgricultural and Aquaculture Facilities ModelValid
Controlled Activity TypeArea Management Restriction and Regulation ZonesValid
Control Type CodeArea Management Restriction and Regulation ZonesValid
Day Type CodeArea Management Restriction and Regulation ZonesValid
Specialised Activity Type CodeArea Management Restriction and Regulation ZonesValid
Geothermal PotentialEnergy Resources CoverageValid
Hydro PotentialEnergy Resources CoverageValid
Solar PotentialEnergy Resources CoverageValid
Tidal PotentialEnergy Resources CoverageValid
Wind PotentialEnergy Resources CoverageValid
Energy product valueEnergy StatisticsValid
Energy statistics aggregate valueEnergy StatisticsValid
Curve Model TypeGeophysicsValid
Consequence type valueSafetyValid
Building use value.SafetyValid
Fire or explosion type valueSafetyValid
Hazardous material related event typeSafetyValid
Traffic type valueSafetyValid
energy classification valueProduction and Industrial FacilitiesValid
flow appearance valueProduction and Industrial FacilitiesValid
registration nature valueProduction and Industrial FacilitiesValid
release valueProduction and Industrial FacilitiesValid
activity code valueProduction and Industrial FacilitiesValid
CLP code valueProduction and Industrial FacilitiesValid
CPA code valueProduction and Industrial FacilitiesValid
E-PRTR code valueProduction and Industrial FacilitiesValid
EWC code valueProduction and Industrial FacilitiesValid
IPPC code valueProduction and Industrial FacilitiesValid
process item valueProduction and Industrial FacilitiesValid
contaminating activity presence valueSoilValid
investigation trigger valueSoilValid
measure taken status valueSoilValid
measure taken status valueSoilValid
measure taken valueSoilValid
other contaminating activity valueSoilValid
risk assessment stage valueSoilValid
risk receptor valueSoilValid
risk type valueSoilValid
soil contamination specialised zone type codeSoilValid
Void Reason ValueBase TypesValid
Age Group ValuePopulation Distribution - DemographyValid