Opening Plenary

INSPIRE working together across borders for environment and digital society.

Thematic Plenary I: Regions at work: benefits of INSPIRE implementation for territorial management, environment and eGovernment. 

The INSPIRE conferences are the best place to share experiences and good practices. Usually, plenaries are dedicated to national or European feedbacks. This plenary will focus on the regional level instead, which is also responsible for the INSPIRE implementation and therefore the source for a different but important perspective. For instance, regions are dealing with specific challenges like limited resources which require creative solutions.
Regions are likewise the level of direct interface between citizens and administration and they are a level for the implementation of e-Government projects, which require interaction across hierarchies as well.

Thematic Plenary II: INSPIRE working across borders for the Digital society

A decade of INSPIRE implementation has led to a substantial growth of available spatial data and services in Europe.  A large number of access points at which spatial data that is discoverable can be accessed and retrieved are now available from an increasing range of public sector data holdings. From a digital economy perspective however, spatial data and services alone, even if they could be traded and considered a commodity, hardly provide for a reasonable return on investment.  As such their footprint on the national Gross Domestic Products remains small and further investments in their development and operations become hard to justify. Economic systems are activated by decisions which link information flows to objectives. Therefore, in essence, spatial data and services have to be put to work. They need to be transformed into information for decision making in order to reap higher economic and societal benefits. The plenary will focus on the benefits for society including administration, economy and citizen leveraged by implementing INSPIRE.

Closing Plenary

The closing plenary session of the conference is in the first place the moment where we take stock of the lessons learned during the conference.
Rapporteurs from the Conference Organising Committee – Germany, France, the European Commission and also the European Environment Agency will present and discuss the findings and lesson learned from workshops, plenaries, thematic presentations and posters.
This will offer the participants a useful "take-away" package, a source of future 'INSPIREation' .
Finally, it is also the moment where once again we have to say goodbye, however not without saying until the next time. No INSPIRE conference is complete without honoring and thanking the current organizers for their hospitality and the announcement and presentation of the next year's conference hosts and venue.