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Conference News

INSPIRE Conference: Deadline for submitting proposals extended

Send in your INSPIRing submission this month
Deadline call for submissions INSPIRE conference extended to 15 April

From 18-21 September 2018 Belgium and The Netherlands, together with the European Commission are organising the INSPIRE conference in Antwerp. Do you have a story to inspire users and usage of this European data infrastructure? Send in your proposal now!

The central theme of the 2018 edition is “INSPIRE the users: Make it work together!” This central theme comprises three subthemes for which we welcome your proposals for presentations and workshops. Every day of the conference programme offers room for 15 minute presentations, speed presentations and workshops. We welcome contributions from both public and private sector as well as knowledge institutes.

The deadline for submissions is extended to the end of 15th April. The central theme comprises of three strands that have our particular interest. But feel free to submit your proposal from a different angle.

INSPIRE the Users: In this strand it is all about inspiring the usage and users of INSPIRE. We welcome your showcases of the usage of the infrastructure or applications you have built based on INSPIRE.

Doing it Together: Collaboration is the key in this strand. Share your examples where collaboration between organisations is leading to smart implementation of INSPIRE and optimises its usage.

Making it work: Last but certainly not least, there is a strand with a more technical focus. How do we make it work? What does it take to take INSPIRE to the next level? This is also the strand to put forward implementation issues.

We are looking forward to your contributions!


Sponsors welcome, choose you stand now!

The INSPIRE conference 2018 will be a real milestone! With more than 250 presentations and workshops, a large exhibition and a venue situated in the heart of the beautiful historical city of Antwerp we are ready to host more than 1000 enthusiastic delegates from all over Europe, and beyond.

The conference aims to provide a forum for discussion, exchange of new ideas, for the establishment of new friendships and collaborations and for the dissemination of recent acquired knowledge and experience.


The INSPIRE conference demonstrates and promotes the use of the European Spatial Data Infrastructure beyond the environment, covering wider application areas of geospatial information and technologies with emerging economic, social, environmental and political priorities of the European Union. As such the conference draws significant representation from governments, user communities of SDI, e-Government, geospatial technology providers, standardization bodies and end-users of the technology applications.

The participants are stakeholders from technical standard organisations, from EU level agencies, from global geospatial infrastructure frameworks, public and private sector users, and many more. In short: everyone who is working for the environment on a geographic level.

Networking is guaranteed!

Sponsorship opportunities

From the 18th to 21st of September the Flanders Meeting and Convention Center in Antwerp is the place to be. The conference is offering companies the opportunity to take an active part by becoming a partner or an exhibitor of the INSPIRE 2018 conference! Will you meet and interact with renowned international experts from administration, academia and industry ?

You can find more information on the Exhibition and Sponsor section of the conference site.

Questions and sponsorship reservations are welcome via



INSPIRE Conference 2018: Call for submissions


The 2018 edition of the INSPIRE conference will take place in Antwerp, Belgium, 18-21 September. The motto of this years’ event is INSPIRE users: Make it work together!  

The European INSPIRE Directive leads to a digital highway for sharing information on Europe’s environment. Member states are rapidly extending this network to reach all levels of government and application areas beyond the environment. Now that we have this essential European facility in place, we can exploit it to the full to support the digital transformation of European society. 

The call for submissions is organised in 3 strands

INSPIRE the Users: In this strand special attention goes to inspiring the usage and users of INSPIRE. Both public and private parties are invited to share their experiences with creating applications that benefit from INSPIRE.

Doing it Together: This strand is dedicated to 'cooperation'. We are looking for examples where the cooperation between public and/or private sector organisations and programmes has been successfully developed to support the implementation of INSPIRE.

Making it work: The strand adressess a more technical approach to ‘make it work’. We are calling for submissions where implementation issues have been identified and where the source of the problems has been - or needs to be - addressed (e.g. Simplifications encoding, Automatisations, quality assessment, etc.).

The call for submissions to the 2018 INSPIRE conference is now open: come and be part of this European success story!