INSPIRE Thematic Working Groups: A unique opportunity to help define INSPIRE Data Specifications

Over 100 stakeholder organizations proposed 330 experts to work in-kind on the development of a new European legal act for the harmonisation of environmental spatial information. Why? According to Katleen Miserez from the Flemish Environment Agency, member of the INSPIRE Thematic Working Group on Utility and governmental services. “It does not happen often in our domain that we get a window of opportunity to directly influence European legislation. Harmonized and interoperable data are of paramount importance for our future daily work in my organization.......”


European Network of Best Practices for Interoperability of Spatial Planning Information

Plan4all is a European project co-funded by the Community programme eContentplus. Plan4all Plan4all is a consortium of 24 partners including universities, private companies, international organisations and public administrations. The main aim of the project is to harmonise spatial planning data and related metadata according to the INSPIRE principles. The main aim of the project is to harmonise spatial planning data and related metadata according to the INSPIRE principles......


Italian interest group on the INSPIRE Forum

The recent Italian transposition of the INSPIRE directive has defined competencies, deadlines and conditions for the achievement of the objectives of the European directive. The Italian INSPIRE Interest Group is a forum to encourage the discussion about the implementation of the INSPIRE directive at the Italian level.
Il recepimento della direttiva INSPIRE in Italia, avvenuto con il D.Lgs. n. 32 del 27/01/2010, ha individuato i soggetti competenti per l'attuazione del Decreto stesso, le scadenze da rispettare, e le modalità di realizzazione degli obiettivi posti dalla Direttiva Europea.......

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