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Poster Session
Wednesday 23rd June, 18:00 - 19:00
Education and awareness raising
NaturNet Plus Educational Material for Sustainable Tourism
Tomas Mildorf and Karel Charvat
Tomas Mildorf
Studying Data Transformation in INSPIRE
Sven Schade, Carsten Keßler and Anand Nandipati
Sven Schade
Using the GI Body of Knowledge to label GI education content
Frans Rip
Frans Rip
GeoPortals and registries
An Enterprise Viewpoint Proposal for SDI Architectural Specifications
Rubén Béjar, Javier Nogueras-Iso, Miguel A. Latre, Juan Valiño, Jesús Barrera and Pedro R. Muro-Medrano
Pedro Muro-Medrano
GEOvagando: towards a regional GeoPortal
Luigi Garretti, Gianni Siletto and Silvana Griffa
Silvana Griffa
INSPIRE as a Framework for Cooperation with non-EU neighbouring countries (invited submissions)
State And Perspectives Of Geospatial Infrastructure In Bosnia And Herzegovina
Maksim Šestic and Ljubiša Savovic
Maksim Šestic
Interoperability of INSPIRE, GEOSS and GMES
Spatio-Temporal Data Management and Processing in the Context of Civil Protection Scenarios
Raffaele De Amicis, Giuseppe Conti and Federico Prandi
Giuseppe Conti
Digital Elevation Models for Support of GMES Activities
Hugh MacKay and Rachel Maire
Rachel MAIRE
The FP7 GMES project geoland2 - Contributions to the INSPIRE Discussion Process on Land Cover and Land Use
Steffen Kuntz and Daniel Langhans
Steffen Kunrz
The GMES Space Component Data Access System: harmonizing Earth Observation products flows and services for the GMES
Alessandra Tassa, Jolyon Martin, Richard Knowelden, Marco Nota and Guido Vingione
Alessandra Tassa
Innovative Approaches for sustainable rural water Supply in Sri Lanka
A.H. Gunapala
A.H. Gunapala
Global Monitoring for Environment and Security Elevation Data Types and Data Layers: Experience Working with the Data in a GIS Software Package
M. Lorraine Tighe
M. Lorraine Tighe
NEXTMAP EUROPE: The Seamless High-Precision DEM for the Support of GMES in Europe
Hugh MacKay and Andreas Keim
Hugh MacKay
Metadata Reloaded
Arnulf Christl
Arnulf Christl
National frameworks
10 Years of Nemoforum – the Czech “Good Practice” in the Field of GI Public-Private Cooperation
Ruzena Zimová
Jiri Hradec
Turkish Environmental Information Exchange Network (TEIEN) – An Implementation of INSPIRE
Ahmet Civi, Etem Akgunduz, Dilek Tezel and Sinan Bilaloglu
CEE-SDI Workshop
Jiri Hiess
Jiri Hiess
Inspire helps and cooperation works: the story of the creation of the Dutch geo data infrastructure
Alex Van de Ven, Caroline Groot and Steven Mekking
Steven Mekking
Legislative Initiative Supporting Georeference Data Modeling Standards in Poland
Krzysztof Maczewski and Ewa Janczar
Ewa Janczar
New and Evolving tools and technologies
Working towards a common database: .NET Geobide platform and its application within the Navarre SDI
Pablo Echamendi, Alvaro Huarte, Marcos Iribas and Yolanda Zuasti
Pablo Echamendi
Leveraging INSPIRE To Achieve Real Business Benefit Through Improved Data Management Strategies
Matt Beare, Robert Chell, Luc van Linden and Steven Ramage
Matt Beare
Standard Implementation of Object-Relational Topographic Databases with 3D complex Model
Manuela Corongiu, Tiziana De Filippis, Leandro Rocchi and Lorenzo Bottai
Manuela Corongiu
Convergence, Interoperability, and the Digital Infrastructure for a Green Economy
Geoff Zeiss
Geoff Zeiss
ISO 19113:2002 with reference to Digital Terrain Models
Beata Hejmanowska and Lukasz Kulesza
Beata Hejmanowska
Categorizing the technological choices for Spatial Data Infrastructures
Çetin Cömert and Halil Akinci
Çetin Cömert
Dynamic retrieval of Web Feature Service data by Google Maps and Google Earth
Krzysztof Kusnierek
Krzysztof Kusnierek
Integration of PyWPS as an Analytical Tools for Flood Protection System of Liberec Region
Irena Koskova, Jachym Cepicky, Stepan Kafka, Stanislav Holy and Karel Charvat
Karel Charvat
Semantic spatial data infrastructures in action
Aneta J. Florczyk, Francisco Javier López-Pellicer, Javier Lacasta, Javier Nogeuras-Iso and F. Javier Zarazaga-Soria
Aneta Jadwiga Florczyk
Social and economic impacts
What are we looking for, when we implement a SDI? Economic issues or explain real word changing?
Maria Olmos-Siliceo, Dolores Sanchez-Gonzalez and Xanat Antonio
Maria Olmos-Siliceo
The Role of the SDI in Assessing the Relevance of Historical Information in Rural and Urban Spatial Planning
Józef Hernik, Krzysztof Gawronski, Robert Dixon-Gough and Anthony Dixon-Gough
Thematic communities
Technical IT solutions for near real time data exchange under the CAFÉ Directive using INSPIRE services
Claudio Maricchiolo, Michele Munafò, Giorgio Arduino, Giuseppina Turco, Stefano Giorgi, Emanuela Sarzotti and Luciano Zamponi
Emanuela Sarzotti
Petrol Stations Geoportal
Pablo Burgos Casado
Pablo Burgos Casado
Dynamics of the land use changes in Poland at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. A contribution to the integrated land monitoring
Elzbieta Bielecka and Andrzej Ciolkosz
Elzbieta Bielecka
SDI Practice in Geological Survey of Slovenia
Jasna Sinigoj, Marko Komac and Matija Krivic
Jasna Sinigoj – a web portal for the extractive industry as an example for the applied implementation of INSPIRE
Thomas Beisswenger and Jitka Kadlcakova
Jitka Kadlcakova
The role of geodesy in implementation of Directive on the assessment and management of flood risks – development of accurate DTM using Airborne Laser Scanning data
Zdzislaw Kurczynski and Jacek Pilat
Italian Geological harmonized map as conformed layer for INSPIRE
Carlo Cipolloni and Marco Pantaloni
Carlo Cipolloni
Collaboration between Spanish Cadastre and the Agriculture Subsidies Control System in the INSPIRE frame. An example of interoperability
amalia velasco and francisco quintana
amalia velasco
PLAN4ALL - Harmonisation of Spatial Planning Data According to the INSPIRE Directive
Tomas Mildorf, Mauro Salvemini, Karel Charvat, Otakar Cerba, Karel Janecka, Vaclav Cada, Karel Jedlicka, Jan Jezek and Radek Fiala
Tomas Mildorf
Web service for 3D model data consumed by MS Excel and ArcGIS Explorer clients
Jan Kooijman, Harry Middelburg and Marc Hoogerwerf
Jan Kooijman
An open source GIS solution for the management of agricultural register in the context of the national GIS
Perparim Ameti and Gezim Bisha
Perparim Ameti
New energy technologies and future labour market outcomes: the case of solar industry.
Giulia Rossi
Giulia Rossi
Trans-national SDI projects
Lassi Lehto and Flemming Nissen
Lassi Lehto
Geoinformation Networks for the cross-border National Park Region Saxon-Bohemian Switzerland
Marco Trommler and Elmar Csaplovics
Marco Trommler
Expert works in the field of the topographical objects database harmonization in the border area on the example of the border between Republic of Poland and Federal Republic of Germany in the aspect of the INSPIRE Directive assumptions
Zenon Parzynski,, Uchanski, Uchanski, and Zielinski Zielinski
Zenon Parzynski,
The data modeling of the Medisolae-3D project: a good practice for thematic communities aiming at implementing Inspire
Giacomo Martirano, Fabio Vinci, Vittorio Gagliardi, Marc Bonazountas, Eftymia Nousi
Giacomo Martirano
Defining European reference information for large, medium and small scales based on INSPIRE data specifications - The ExM specifications
Anja Hopfstock and Morten Borrebaek
Morten Borrebaek