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Cross-Border Harmonisation of Spatial Base Data between Germany and the Czech Republic

Claudia Gedrange, Marco Neubert and Myra Sequeira

(Submission #107)


For cross-border planning and information, homogeneous cross-border data bases are necessary. Spatial base data as collected and provided by the respective surveying agencies offer a good basis, since they are high-precision up-to-date data sets. But they refer only to the corresponding national territory. Furthermore, they feature different cartographic projections, data formats and data models, geometry (e.g. of the national boundary), languages, and semantic meanings of the content. Thus, the objective of the project “cross-border harmonisation of spatial base data” is to develop methods which allow the surveying agencies to adapt their data to be compatible seamlessly along the national boundary (geometric homogenisation). Additionally, the data users should be enabled to display and to classify the data in a comparable form regarding the content (semantic harmonisation).


Submission Type:  Oral Presentation and paper for IJSDIR
Submission Track:  Trans-national SDI projects (including EU (co-)funded projects)


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