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Interorganizational Geo-Synchronization Using OGC Technologies to Share and Harmonize Data in Catalonia

Alex Milanović, Jordi Guimet, Enric Rodellas and Miguel Angel Bolívar

(Submission #11)


The purpose of the project for automated geo-synchronization between City of Barcelona and Port of Barcelona, and between Port of Barcelona and Cartographic Institute of Catalonia was to assess the feasibility of using OGC GML and WFS specifications for building an automated geo-synchronization infrastructure. The solution developed clearly demonstrates this. However, the experiment also showed that geo-synchronization may require considerable resources to define the mapping between data models, devise a process for publishing the data changes, overcome deficiencies of the available software applications, and incorporate the harvested data in the data maintenance processes.

The capability to maintain and access the history of an organization's data is not the main purpose of geo-synchronization but in this project the APB expressed a strong interest in this capability. For this reason the data events were modeled so as to enable this capability. Nowadays the digital data changes quickly and the physical maps are more rare than in the past and cannot keep up with the pace of data changes as well as the digital maps. This poses the question of how an organization or even the society as a whole keeps the historic data and whether the historic data will be available in the future. In this project exported data with timestamps to enable versioning the data was used. Many organizations should be interested in the capability to maintain the history of data and may use this project as an example.

The experience from this project is relevant to the INSPIRE Directive. The data mapping and transformation work performed in this project demonstrates the challenges that INSPIRE faces. Furthermore, thanks to the INSPIRE directive it will be possible to perform geo-synchronization using OGC technologies between different organizations in EU and in various domains, e.g. security, climate change, emergencies, environment, etc.


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