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Schema Transformation for INSPIRE

Robin Waters, Steven Ramage, Rob Walker and Michel Millot

(Submission #29)


The majority of LMOs and other data suppliers who are providing data within the INSPIRE themes will continue to retain their own schemas for the data that they collect, manage and publish. For INSPIRE compliance however, there must be a Transformation Service available to transform the data to the appropriate INSPIRE schema. This service may be provided within the supplier, by the national government concerned or by a third party. It may be an offline service with the INSPIRE compliant datasets then published on the web for the INSPIRE GeoPortal (and others) to access or it could be available as a web service - preferably capable of being invoked automatically at the time that data is requested.

Given the number of data providers involved and the variety of schemas in which the relevant datasets are held, it is important that some technical guidance is available from the INSPIRE programme about meeting this requirement. JRC has contracted RSW Geomatics, 1Spatial and Rob Walker Consulting, to prepare Technical Guidance for completion in July 2010.

This paper describes the work to date - including the State of the Art review and its conclusions - and the issues that will be covered in the final Technical Guidance and media material.


Submission Type:  Oral Presentation and paper for IJSDIR
Submission Track:  New and Evolving tools and technologies


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