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Prototypical Demonstration: A Publishing and Data Sharing System for INSPIRE

Don Murray and Johan Esko

(Submission #64)


The INSPIRE initiative is all about increasing data accessibility across the EU member states. This session presents lessons learned and challenges to making this happen from our experience building a prototype system for INSPIRE. This prototype is based on Protected Sites data from two different source schemas provided by the Swedish EPA. The prototype system works to address several key aspects of the problem. First, the prototype is based on web technologies and addresses the challenges of both data publishers and data consumers. Second, the prototype illustrates how to reconcile data model and data format differences between the source data from the data providers, the unified storage schema, and finally, the delivered GML data in the INSPIRE schema. Third, the system ensures that any data uploaded must be “fit for use”. That is, the prototype demonstrates ways to easily add and enforce data quality rules. While this need competes with the need to make data publishing easy and non-intrusive, data validation is important, as without it there is no way for data customers to have confidence in the available data. This session will discuss how this is done in the prototype so that a publishing organization is notified in a timely fashion of any data quality concerns, thereby protecting data consumers from getting data that hasn’t been validated. Finally, to be successful, any data distribution system must be able to distribute data quickly and efficiently. This session will outline how and where the data is stored so that INSPIRE GML can be generated and shared in a timely and seamless fashion. While OGC WFS in the INSPIRE schema is the primary delivery mechanism, the extensibility of the prototype to deliver data in other formats, protocols, and data models is also described.


Submission Type:  Oral Presentation
Submission Track:  GeoPortals and registries


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