INSPIRE 2013: The Green Renaissance

Poster Presentations

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


A Case Study on Map Conflation by Open Source GIS

Müslüm Hacar
A SEIS for Air Quality Data: The Italian Experience

Luciana Giannini
A Spatial Data Infrastructure in Line With INSPIRE in Support of Local Municipalities in The ' Vallo Di Diano ' .

Salvatore Larosa
A Web Based Multi - Layered Institutional GIS Infrastructure of Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs Application: Geodata

Gencay Serter
A Complex Multidisciplinary Approach Between Research and Services

Manuela Corongiu
A Point of View Regarding The Protection of Critical Infrastructure in Romania

Angela Ionita
Application of Ogc Services to Water Management on Large Irrigation Areas

Manuel Erena Arrabal
Complex Researches and Monitoring for The Mitigation of Seismic Risk of Bucharest Area

Stefan Florin Balan
Croatian NSDI Metadata Profile

Željko Hećimović
Data Specifications and Work on The Topic ' Agricultural and Aquaculture Facilities ' in Poland

Magdalena Gugała
Data Mining From Unstructured Sources for Forest Fire Forecasting Applications

Tiberiu Boros
Design Handbook on Urban Green Infrastructure: a Challenge of Turas Project

Laura Berardi
Development of Land Monitoring System in Turkey

Gencay Serter
Eu Officers INSPIRE to Use Metadata - Case Study From The Czech Geological Survey

Olga Moravcová
Early Detection Method for Pahs Content in Seawater Used by The Desalination Plant of Giglio Island

Raffaella Ferrari
Enveurope Drupal Ecological Information System – Making Long - Term Ecosystem Monitoring Data Available on The Internet

Tomas Kliment
Example of an Executable Test Suite to Validate an INSPIRE WFS Download Service

Giacomo Martirano
Extending INSPIRE Metadata Directives for Eo Data

Markus Innerebner
From WEBGIS Platforms to Local Spatial Data Infrastructures: Proposal of an Institutional Capacity Building Assessment Framework

Joaquim Alonso
From Small to Medium and Large Datasets: Technology Pitfalls and Smart Solutions for Affordable INSPIRE Services in Web 2.0 Applications

Cinzia Licciardello
GENESI-DEC Project and The Role of The Italian National Geoportal of The Italian Ministry of Environment and Protection of Land and Sea

Salvatore Costabile
Geocatalogue of Geospatial Information Resources Discovered on Google

Tomas Kliment
Geostatistics Portal - a Platform for Census Data Visualisation

Mirosław Migacz
INGEOCLOUDS : an Innovative Infrastructure to Publish INSPIRE Compliant Data and Services on The Cloud

Benoit Baurens
INSPIRE Is Not The Centre of Gravity

Sven Schade
Land Registry Mechanisms for Protecting Historical Heritage. The Case of SERCA .

María Elena Sánchez Jordán
Land Registry Publicity and Environmental and Urban Planning Protection. a Successful Experience?

María Elena Sánchez Jordán
Monitoring of Turkey’s Biodiversity by Means of Geographical Information Systems: Noah's Ark Biodiversity Database

Gencay Serter
Metadata for Earth Observation Data, Eo Products and Eo Derived Products: From The Information to The Services.

Massimo Zotti
Monitoring Regional Flow of Biodegradable Municipal Waste

Jiri Hrebicek
NSDI Capacity Building Towards a Better Governance

Hervé Pichon
Natural Water Quality Evaluation of Region Ferizaj, Kosovo

Milazim Shabani
Preventing and Managing Environmental Disasters Through Geospatial Analysis: FRANAlert

Dario Freddi
Riverbasin Databse of Turkey

Gencay Serter
Real - Time Monitoring, Reporting and Validation of INSPIRE Compliant Spatial Web Services

Kristian Jaakkola
Regione Piemonte: a DSS for Environmental Assessments Adopting an Open Source Tool ( QGIS )

Antonello Navarretta
Revolution of Sharing

Maria Cabello
SOS Server Deployment for Sharing Environmental Sensor Data Through The OTALEX-C Spatial Data Infrastructure

Pedro Vivas White
SensorWebBike: a Participatory Urban Sensing for Air Quality Monitoring

Leandro Rocchi
Spatial Data, Disaster Management and Public Policies Analysis in The Framework of Portuguese Civil Protection Laws

Patricia Pires
Stock - Flow Model of SDI Development Refined by Fuzzy Logic

Ehsan Abdolmajidi
Strategic Process Management for Introducing GIS

Franz-Josef Behr
The Geographic Information System for The Cultural and Landscape Heritage of Tuscany

Raffaella Ferrari
The Geologic Map of The Adriatic Sea: a First Step Towards INSPIRE Geology Data Specification Compliance

Alessandro Sarretta
The Italian National Geoportal’s Web Coordinate Transformation Service ( WCTS )

Salvatore Costabile
The Spatial Data Infrastructue in Practice - Universal Map Module

Eliza Asendy
The Application of INSPIRE Principles in The Life Project Wiz - Waterize Spatial Planning

Bernardo Mazzanti
The Multi - Profile Metadata Catalogue to Serve Geological Data to INSPIRE

Carlo Cipolloni
Tool for The Territorial Strategy of The MED Space - SDIMED

Manuel Erena
Tools Supporting Development of The Spatial Data Infrastructure

Eliza Asendy
Towards Spatio - Temporal Services for INSPIRE

Alan Beccati
Turkey National GIS Data Specifications for Reference Geo - Data Themes

Arif Cagdas Aydinoglu
Use of Spatial Information for Disaster Management at Municipal Level – Emergency Planning for Seveso Establishments and Tsunami Hazard

Patricia Pires
Where Shall I Throw It? GIS Tools to Help Citizens to Improve The Separate Waste Collection

Emanuela Sarzotti
e-GEOS Geodata Toolkit, an INSPIRE Compliant Solution in Support to Production and Dissemination of Eo Based Maps

Daniele Pellegrino
eENVplus: a Framework to Support Eenvironmental Services and Applications

Giorgio Saio