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Poster Sessions
Wednesday 18 June, 18:00 - Aalborg Conference Centre, Exhibition Area
A Model Driven Approach to Delivering INSPIRE Web Services Dean Hintz
ARE3NA: Supporting the INSPIRE MIF in a Wider Interoperability Landscape Robin S. Smith
Air Quality Maps of the Czech Republic Leona Matouskova
Archaeological Research Data Publication through SDIs: IDEARQ Ernesto Salas-Tovar
Arctic SDI Martin Skedsmo
Challenges to Perform High Quality Data Integration Nicolas Regnauld
Create Three-dimensional Virtual Map with GIS Technologies Nurzhan Kerimbay
Data Harmonization Efforts and Spatial Web Interface (Atlas) Studies in Turkey National Spatial Data Infrastructure (TR-NSDI) Akin Kisa
Developing an Agroforestry Application in Kure Mountain National Park by Using GIS Techniques Erdal Özüdoğru
Domain Systems of Polish Geological Institute as a Knowledge Mine in Geology of Poland Theme Paulina Kaminska
Data Needs of Spatial Conservation Planning – the Role of INSPIRE in Europe? ? Tuuli Toivonen
Developing Open Source Web Applications for State Hydraulic Works Begum Gunel
E-TR, Inspired By INSPIRE Agnieszka Chojka
Environment and Sensitivity Assessment Ferim Gashi
From Specification to Improved Data Quality Lars Burman
From Sprawl to Green Infrastructure: the SDI as Opportunity Laura Berardi
Generating Erosion Hazard Maps and Calculating Amount of Sediment in Turkey Emin Atabey Peker
High Resolution Orthophoto Production in Urban Areas Akin Kisa
INSPIRE Data Publishing Made Easy Using GeoCat Live Paul van Genuchten
INSPIRE Elevation From a Marine Viewpoint Ellen Vos
INSPIRE Supporting The Implementation Of Law Agnieszka Chojka
INSPIRE for Protected Areas Kryystyna Michałowsa
INSPIRE Helps to Share EU Geological Data and Metadata: Case Study from European Projects Onegeology-europe and Minerals4EU Olga Moravcová
INSPIRE in Macedonia from a University Perspective Bashkim Idrizi
INSPIRE and Digital Spatial Worlds of the Future. A Different Perspective. Panagiotis Tziachris
Integrated System for Fire Prevention and Reaction Tiberiu Boros
Internet Portal for Status of Accessibility and Universal Design in Urban Areas Sven Michaelis
Legal Infrastructure in Turkey Within the Framework of INSPIRE Akin Kisa
LINKVIT - New Skills for INSPIRE Carlo Cipolloni
La Protection de la zone Méditerranéenne contre la pollutions : quelle est l'importance de la rigueur de la réglementation environnementale ? Lahoucine Assellam
Ontological Representation of Spatial Planning and Environmental Data in the Context of Web 3.0 And Linked Open Data Iwona Kaczmarek
Open Transport Net Tomas Mildorf
Project of Systematic Protection Plan for Turkey Gencay Serter
SDI4Apps - Uptake of Open Geographic Information Through Innovative Services Based on Linked Data Tomas Mildorf
SK-HR Cross Border GIS Summer School: Knowledge Transfer of INSPIRE Principles and Practices to the Future Generation Tomáš Kliment
Synergetic Influence of INSPIRE and GNSS on Spatial Information Providers and Users in Adriatic Region Željko Bačić
Turkey’s Biodiversity and Ecoregions Database Mehmet Golge
The Implementation of the Turkish National Geographic Data Portal (Geoportal) Eda Soylu Sengör
The role of INSPIRE in Spatial Planning Krystyna Kurowska
Towards Publishing Earthquake Engineering Experimental Data As Part of Linked Open Data Cloud Md.Rashedul Hasan
Wildlife Database of Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs Emin atabey Peker
What are the Tools used at Ifremer to Aapply the INSPIRE Directive? Mickael Treguer
What You Always Wanted to Know about INSPIRE... Making INSPIRE Implementing Rules and Technical Guidelines More Accessible Michael Lutz
iGEO - Developing Countries going Geospatial Maksim Sestic
The Implementation of Smart Cities Solutions with Dimensions of Technology, People and Institutions Vera Shiko

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