Data Specifications

INSPIRE xml schemas

The INSPIRE data specifications Technical Guidelines define GML application schemas (xml schemas) as the default encoding for all INSPIRE spatial data themes. The xml schemas are made available in the INSPIRE schema repository

  • endorsed schemas for data models included in the Implementing Rules
  • draft schemas for extended data models included in the Technical Guidelines

Schema versions

On 30 April 2015, the schemas for all INSPIRE themes were updated to make the schemas consistent with the changes introduced in the amendment of the Implementing Rules (Commission Regulation (EU) No 1253/2013) and the corresponding data specifications Technical guidelines.


It was agreed in the MIG-T not to insist on backwards-compatibility for this update (see the MIG-T wiki for details on the proposed approaches) and to maintain for a limited time (until at least April 2016) both the previous and the latest versions of the schemas (i.e. v3.x and v4.x for most schemas). This means that minor updates or bug fixes agreed by the MIG will still be implemented for both versions. After this date, updates will only be made to the new schema versions.