Consultation on the draft legal act on the harmonization and interoperability of environmental information (as defined in Annexes II and III of the INSPIRE Directive (2/2007))


Results of the consultation: Comments and resolution

A spreadsheet which includes all comments received during the public stakeholder consultation on the Annex II+III data specifications v2.0 between June and October 2011 has been published on the INSPIRE site. All the comments have been taken into account by the Thematic Working Groups (TWGs) in the preparation of v3.0 of the data specifications. Please note that the answers provided in the table below have been compiled over a period of several months by a number of different experts in the TWGs, the Data specifications Drafting Team and at JRC, and that several further consultations with Member States and Commission services have taken place in the meantime. If you discover any inconsistencies or have any further questions on how your comment was considered in the data specifications or Implementing Rules, please contact us at

Documents under consultation

  • Data Specification on Geology – Draft Guidelines
  • This version (V 2.01) is a corrigendum of the INSPIRE Data specification on Geology - Draft Guidelines. It fixes - adds definitions and descriptions of used external types (GeoSciML v3.0rc2) that were missing in the Feature Catalogue (Chapter 5). The corrigendum was published on 26th of August.
  • INSPIRE Annex II&III GML Application Schemas
  • This version (v2.0.2) is the second corrigendum of the INSPIRE GML application schemas, that was published on 26 August 2011. This corrigendum fixes a number of broken references to external schema documents, which caused some of the xml schema files to be invalid. For a more detailed overview of the changes between v2.0, v2.0.1 and v2.0.2, please read the README.TXT file contained in the zip archive.