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Network Services


14-Aug-2013 New Version of the Download Services Technical Guidelines
14-Jun-2012 Technical Guidance for the implementation of INSPIRE Download Services Published
30-Mar-2011 Availability of updated Technical Guidance documents for INSPIRE Discovery and View Services
20-Dec-2010 INSPIRE Schema Transformation Network Service
29-Jul-2010 Translations of draft regulation on download services and transformation services
10-Jun-2010 Schema Transformation Network Service: State of the Art Analysis published
24-Mar-2010 INSPIRE Draft Domain Model published
14-Dec-2009 Amendment of the INSPIRE Network Services Regulation for Download and Transformation approved
20-Oct-2009 INSPIRE Network Services Regulation adopted (Discovery and View )
29-Sep-2009 INSPIRE: Initial Operating Capacity - Task Force: Minutes of the Rotterdam meeting
25-Sep-2009 INSPIRE Network Services - Transformation Service
25-Sep-2009 INSPIRE Network Services - Download Service
28-Jul-2009 INSPIRE View Service Technical Guidance (Version 2.0) published
22-Jul-2009 INSPIRE: Technical Guidance Discovery Services, version 2 published
23-Jun-2009 INSPIRE Draft Regulation on Discovery and View services sent for scrutiny to Parliament
08-Jun-2009 Call for Tender: Development of Technical Guidance for the INSPIRE Transformation Service
23-Mar-2009 INSPIRE Network Services: New guidance documents
02-Mar-2009 INSPIRE Metadata Implementing Rules: Technical Guidelines based on EN ISO 19115 and EN ISO 19119 ( Revised edition)
27-Feb-2009 INSPIRE Transformation and Download Network Services Implementing Rules
13-Jan-2009 Comitology register for proposal for INSPIRE Implementing Rules for Discovery and View Services published