INSPIRE Maintenance and Implementation

Call for Facilitators – Thematic Clusters

All infrastructures, and INSPIRE is no exception, require maintenance and evolution if they want to remain relevant to their goals and stakeholders. The experience gained during the development of the Technical Guidelines (e.g. for data specifications) as well as lessons learned by implementing the infrastructure, especially from thematic domains, need to be shared to optimise performance of the infrastructure to meet policy objectives and to increase its usability within thematic domains. To aid this further evolution of INSPIRE and to help embed it in technical practices within a range of communities, on-line collaboration platforms will be set up for sharing theme-specific experiences.

The overall idea for setting up on-line collaboration platforms for the proposed clusters of themes is reflecting the fact that a number of issues that organisations are likely to face when implementing INSPIRE will be theme-specific. The collaboration platforms should become a single entry point for implementers to share experience, raise questions and resolve issues. They should also allow implementers and users in the MS to share plans on how INSPIRE can be extended to fit specific domain needs (mainly in terms of data) and explore how value-added applications can use the infrastructure to fit domain-specific (and potentially cross-domain) needs.

The proposed clusters are based on similarities of issues and data providers, links between data sets and experience from the development phase of the INSPIRE data specifications. 

For each of the cluster one facilitator will be selected based on the responses to this Call.

Proposed initial thematic clusters:

1.     Geology, Soil, Natural Risk Zones, Mineral resources, Energy resources
2.     Land Use, Land Cover
3.     Elevation, Orthoimagery, Geographical Grids, Reference Systems
4.     Environmental Monitoring Facilities, Observations and Measurements
5.     Agricultural and Aquaculture Facilities, Production and Industrial Facilities, Utility and Governmental Services
6.     Geographical Names, Administrative Units, Cadastral Parcels, Addresses, Buildings, Transport Networks
7.     Hydrography, Oceanographic Features, Sea Regions, Atmospheric Conditions and Meteorological Geographical Features
8.     Protected Sites, Area Management/Restriction/Regulation Zones and Reporting Units, Habitats and Biotopes, Species Distribution, Bio-geographical Regions
9.     Statistical Units, Population Distribution, Human Health and Safety

As the Technical Guidelines for each INSPIRE data theme allow some flexibility for the implementation of the Implementing Rules (IR) requirements,  the platforms should also facilitate active collaboration within communities to share harmonised implementation approaches and to address known issues in some themes’ Technical Guidelines.

In order to ensure active contribution of INSPIRE thematic experts and to initiate and moderate discussions on the forum, each newly created thematic platform should be pro-actively administered by a Facilitator. It is the aim of this call to collect appropriate candidates for this task.

To visit the Thematic Clusters site please click here