This call is addressed to any organisation or network which has an interest in the spatial information themes and services referred to in the INSPIRE directive . They can

  • propose to organise or be part of a community with interests in spatial data for particular uses (SDIC),
  • register as a legally mandated organisation (LMO),
  • propose experts to participate in Drafting Teams working on the preparation of the detailed implementing rules of INSPIRE
  • propose reference material for INSPIRE implementing rules development
  • propose pilot projects to feed or test INSPIRE implementing rules
  • provide comments to draft Implementing Rules

This call will remain open on a permanent basis. It will allow organisations or networks to become involved in the preparation of the implementation of INSPIRE.

The selection of the Drafting Teams was made by the Commission services in consultation with the INSPIRE Expert Group. The composition of the Drafting Teams was formed on the basis of experts that were proposed before the 29th April 2005. Experts proposed after the 29th April 2005 may be called upon for internal reviewing and commenting on the drafts.

The following documents should be carefully read before starting to fill out the registration forms:


Registration will be made in a number of different steps according to the information provided and level of interest:

  1. Obtain a password or Login (Username/Password)
  2. Register the SDIC / LMO and indicate level of interest
  3. Provide detailed information about SDIC / LMO
  4. Propose experts, register reference material or projects
  5. Provide comments to Draft Implementing Rules

The EC reserves the right to discuss with the registered organisations effective ways of organising the participation in the drafting and reviewing of the INSPIRE implementing rules.

Please contact us if you have any queries