03-Feb-2016  Mark the date: webinar on INSPIRE implementation in the Czech Republic
01-Feb-2016  ISA² conference — speakers published!
08-Jan-2016  Have your say in the public consultation on the next eGovernment Action Plan 2016 - 2020
05-Nov-2015  Testing of new candidate release of the INSPIRE registry and registers.
02-Nov-2015  Technical Report: Location data for buildings related energy efficiency policies
31-Oct-2015  Call for Proposals: CEF-TC-2015-1: Public Open Data
31-Aug-2015  Consultation on the data-driven economy
24-Aug-2015  Malta Call for Tender: INSPIRE Directive Consultancy Services
10-Aug-2015  Remaining xml schemas and UML model updated
03-Aug-2015  New Report: Estimating Population Density Distribution from Network-based Mobile Phone Data
27-Jul-2015  INSPIRE Thematic Clusters collaboration platform – reached 500 registered members
22-Jun-2015  New release of the INSPIRE Interactive data specification Toolkit v1.1.