30-Apr-2015  INSPIRE team @ INSPIRE-Geospatial World Forum 2015
20-Apr-2015  Turkey: Call for Tender Technical assistance for capacity building INSPIRE Directive
20-Apr-2015  New releases of the Re3gistry software and INSPIRE Registry service
19-Mar-2015  MYGEOSS - First Call For Innovative Apps in the environmental and social domains
09-Mar-2015  INSPIRE GWF Conference programme online
09-Jan-2015  Testing new releases of the INSPIRE registry and Re3gistry software
11-Dec-2014  INSPIRE Thematic Clusters collaboration platform
11-Dec-2014  Spatial Data Services Implementing Rules Adoption
27-Nov-2014  Reporting of Air Quality Plans and Programs in Europe: Guidelines for INSPIRE compliant data transmission
24-Nov-2014  EULF Survey on Energy and location
18-Nov-2014  Reminder: INSPIRE-GWF 2015 Call for Abstracts
27-Oct-2014  Call for participation for the INSPIRE MIG temporary sub-group on download services for observation data