Initial Operating Capability Task Force

The Draft COMMISSION REGULATION (EC) implementing Directive 2007/2/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council as regards the Network Services, Article 4.1 requires that,
"Not later than 18 months after the date of entry into force of this Regulation, Member States shall provide the Discovery and View Services with initial operating capability."
Initial Operating Capability (IOC) is defined in Article 2.1 of the draft regulation as "...the ability of a Network Service to provide full functionality without guaranteeing quality of service in conformity with the rules set out in Annex I to this Regulation or access to the service for all users through the INSPIRE geo-portal;"

In this context the European Commission proposed the creation of the IOC Task Force (TF) consisting of representatives, from all Member States, responsible for the Architecture design and the service implementation of the National Spatial Data Infrastructures. The purpose of setting up the Initial Operating Capability Task Force (IOC TF) is to help and support the implementation of INSPIRE in the Member States. The IOC TF shall initially focus on the implementation of the INSPIRE Discovery and View Services.

Following the Commission's proposal the Initial Operating Capability Task Force (IOC TF) was set up in June 2009 and met for the first time in Rotterdam on the 18th of June during the INSPIRE conference.

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