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APAT - Italian Agency for Environmental Protection and for Technical Services

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APAT - Italian Agency for Environmental Protection and for Technical Services
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    Level of authority: 
    Formal Mandate: 
    <p>Established in 1999, the Agency for Environmental Protection and Technical Services (APAT) of Italy carries out scientific and technical activities in the national interest to protect the environment, water resources and the soil; it was created by merging the National Environmental Protection Agency (ANPA) with the Department for National Technical Services of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. APAT is integrated in a network system of Environmental Protection Agencies, currently composed of Regional and Provincial Agencies throughout the national territory. The system guarantees the exchange of information and expertise for the improvement of environmental monitoring and inspections, and knowledge of the state of the environment in Italy. It therefore combines direct knowledge of the territory and of local environmental issues with environmental prevention and protection policies at national level. As the technical and scientific arm of the Italian Ministry for the Environment and Territory, in the international framework, APAT represents the Ministry for the national participation in the GMES and GEOSS initiatives and related decision-making bodies (GMES-GAC and GEO ExCO). The Agency also represents the Ministry in the GMES Governance WG and is supporting the national process in cooperation with other relevant institutions for the development of the GMES Fast Track Services related to the marine and land cover fields. The Agency also co-chairs the User Interface Committee of GEO and supports the Ministry in coordinating the national contribution for the implementation of GEOSS and for related dissemination and outreach activities (Italy is member of the GEO Management Board; APAT is member of the GEO Executive Committee and of Technical Committees; the APAT General Director is GEO Principal). As for INSPIRE, APAT provides technical support to the Ministry for the possible follow up of the Directive and is directly interested in being involved as the formal responsible for several relevant programmes, such as production and collection of national data sets and database management or the national geothematic cartography. </p>
    Main Activities: 
    APAT is integrated into a network-type system, the Environmental Agency System, which today includes 21 Regional (ARPA) and Provincial (APPA) Agencies, established by special regional laws. It is an example of a consolidated federal system, which combines direct knowledge of the local area and local environmental problems with national environmental protection and prevention policies, so as to become a point of institutional and technical/scientific reference for the entire country. Among the many activities carried out by APAT in the fields of energy, soil, geology, inland and marine waters, natural hazards, metrology, biodiversity, forests, agriculture, urban environment, etc. it is worth to mention the CORINE Land Cover, the State of the Environment Report, the Environmental Data Yearbook and the National Geothematic Cartography.
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    Central government
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    To be completed.
    Primary Business: 
    National environmental protection
    Environmental application domains: 
    Almost all environmental protection domains.
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