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Coastal & Marine Research Centre

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Coastal & Marine Research Centre
Proposed role in INSPIRE development
  • contribute to awareness raising and training
  • yes
  • be kept informed
  • yes
  • implement pilot projects to test/revise/develop the draft Implementing Rules
  • yes
    Level of authority: 
    Formal Mandate: 
    <p>The Coastal &amp; Marine Research Centre (CMRC) is a research centre which forms an integral part of the Environmental Research Institute (ERI) in University College Cork, Ireland.</p>
    Main Activities: 
    Research in the CMRC is undertaken through a multi-disciplinary approach, involving researchers with a range of specialist backgrounds e.g. biologists, computer scientists, hydrographers, geographers and engineers. Basic and applied research in the CMRC is organised according to four specialist areas of interest: 1) Marine Geomatics 2) Coastal Processes and Seabed Mapping 3) Marine Mammal and Seabird Studies 4) Integrated Coastal Zone Management
    Area of work/experience
    Geographic Domain:: 
    Europe and North America
    Societal Sector: 
    Previous Experience relevant for INSPIRE development: 
    The CMRC Marine Geomatics team specialises in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) & web-GIS for data management and geo-spatial analysis; remote sensing; computer modelling, observation systems; Internet technologies & services; data integration; interoperability; data mining; data visualisation; High Powered Computing; knowledge and information management. In terms of previous experience relevant for INSPIRE development, CMRC is a key technology partner in FP6 projects such as InterRisk (Interoperable GMES Services for Environmental Risk Management in Marine & Coastal Areas of Europe) and ECOOP (European COstal-shelf sea Operational observing and Forecasting system). Interoperable technology used in these projects include IS0 19139 metadata based on proposed INSPIRE guidelines, GML Application Schema specification and development, Network Services such as WMS, WFS, WCS, CSW. InterRisk Network Services interoperate with the ESA Service Support Environment at a pan-European level. CMRC is also an active partner in the ICAN (International Coastal Atlas Network), which is scoping and implementing data interoperability approaches to coastal web atlases (CWAs). CMRC is also a University member in the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC).
    Primary Business: 
    Research in Marine Geomatics, Coastal Processes and Seabed Mapping, Marine Mammal and Seabird Studies, Integrated Coastal Zone Management
    Environmental application domains: 
    Monitoring Marine Biodiversity, Monitoring Coastal Areas, Marine pollution, Remote Sensing (Marine), Marine Security, Climate Change, Marine Spatial Planning, Coastal Zone Management, Marine Aggregate Resources Management, Coastal erosion Prevention and Management, Coastal Processes, Seabed Mapping, Marine Geology, Fishery habitats mapping, Marine Mammal and Seabird