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Comissió de Coordinació Cartogràfica de Catalunya

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Comissió de Coordinació Cartogràfica de Catalunya
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    Level of authority: 
    Formal Mandate: 
    <p>The Comissió de Coordinació Cartogràfica de Catalunya was created by the Law 16/2005, approved by the Autonomous Government of Catalonia on 27th December, and it is regulated by the Decree 398/2006 of 24th October, that develops the mentioned Law.</p> <p>This Commission is the basic organ of meeting, collaboration and coordination between the administration of the Autonomous Government and the local entities in the field of the cartography and geographic information.</p> <p>The Commission is attached to the Department of Public Works and Territorial Policy of the Autonomous Government, gives legal and technical advice to the Government and guarantees the participation of the local entities in the exercise of the faculty of cartographic and geographic information coordination.</p>
    Main Activities: 
    The main functions and activities developed by the Comissió de Coordinació Cartogràfica de Catalunya are the following: a) To ensure that the relationship between the Catalonian public administrations that develop cartographic and geographic information activities abide by the rules and principles established by the Law 16/2005 and to solve the incidences that may occur. b) To write a report about Catalonian Cartographic Plan project, as well as their modifications and revisions, after being approved by the Rector Council of the Institut Cartogràfic de Catalunya. c) To establish the rules and standards that have to be used in the cartography and geographic information elaboration. d) To ensure that the objectives and priorities of cartographic activity in Catalonia are accomplished, according to what is established in the Catalonian Cartographic Plan. e) To propose to the Government the adoption of other coordination measures that considers necessaries. f) To write a report about the elaboration procedures of the Government legal dispositions in the field of cartography and geographic information. g) To ensure for the fulfilment and dissemination of the cartographic rules and standards and the updating of the geographic information.