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Direction Générale de l'Aménagement, du Logement et de la Nature

LMO Description
Direction Générale de l'Aménagement, du Logement et de la Nature
Proposed role in INSPIRE development
  • allocate experts to Drafting Teams
  • yes
  • submit reference material as input to the Drafting Teams
  • yes
  • implement pilot projects to test/revise/develop the draft Implementing Rules
  • yes
    Level of authority: 
    Formal Mandate: 
    <p>DGALN is the Planning, Housing and Nature General Directorate of the French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development, transports and housing. DGALN develops, directs and evaluates policies for the planning, construction, housing, landscape, biodiversity, water and non-energy commodities. It monitors their implementation over the land and marine territory , for the sake of consistency across the country and in an objective and balanced sound management of resources, whether land, natural, mineral, living ...</p>
    Main Activities: 
    The Directorate General of Urban Housing and Nature (DGALN) works to improve the quality, accessibility and energy efficiency of buildings, and contributes to the development of a range additional housing. Its actions also include the treatment of unfit housing and housing rights. It aims to ensure the quality of life of the French and the safeguarding of natural resources, species and protected areas. The DGALN implements action plans that were reinforced by the Grenelle Environment: Developing a sustainable city (Plan "sustainable city" plan "to restore nature in cities, etc..), develop the green and blue national coastal protection through a policy of integrated management. ... for a development policy and sustainable development of our territories
    Area of work/experience
    Geographic Domain:: 
    Societal Sector: 
    Central government
    Specific Expertise: 
    Previous Experience relevant for INSPIRE development: 
    Development of specification.
    Primary Business: 
    Spatial planing, water and biodiversity