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Koordinierungsstelle GDI-NI (Coordination Office SDI Lower Saxony)

LMO Description
Koordinierungsstelle GDI-NI (Coordination Office SDI Lower Saxony)
Proposed role in INSPIRE development
  • allocate experts to Drafting Teams
  • yes
  • submit reference material as input to the Drafting Teams
  • yes
  • be kept informed
  • yes
    Level of authority: 
    Lower Saxony
    Formal Mandate: 
    <p>The Coordination Office SDI Lower Saxony has been established by Lower Saxon Cabinet decision (30.11.2005) at the State Survey and Geospatial Base Information Lower Saxony (LGN). The Coordination Office is responsible, besides the Steering Committee, for the implementation of INSPIRE in Lower Saxony as part of the German SDI initiative.</p>
    Main Activities: 
    Contact point for all questions concerning INSPIRE in Lower Saxony; take part in INSPIRE reviews and tests; provide INSPIRE compliant data services by the Lower Saxon Geodata Portal.
    Area of work/experience
    Geographic Domain:: 
    Lower Saxony
    Societal Sector: 
    Regional administration
    Previous Experience relevant for INSPIRE development: 
    attendance of the INSPIRE process since 2005 and earlier; data modelling (German AAA model)
    Primary Business: