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Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Agency

LMO Description
Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Agency
Proposed role in INSPIRE development
  • submit reference material as input to the Drafting Teams
  • yes
  • contribute to awareness raising and training
  • yes
  • be kept informed
  • yes
    Level of authority: 
    Formal Mandate: 
    <p>A state agency “Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Agency” is a state institution under the supervision of the Ministry of the Environment.<br /> The purposes of the Agency are to collect and process environmental information; to carry out environmental monitoring and inform the general public of the status of the environment; to provide for the geological supervision and rational use of natural resources; to implement the state policies in geology, meteorology, climatology, hydrology, and air quality and the impact of transboundary air pollution. </p>
    Main Activities: 
    1. Conduct environmental, geological, hydrological and meteorological observations and transfer the results under international, national and regional projects and programmes; collect, store, systemize and update environmental quality, geological, hydrological and meteorological information; 2. Create and update a unified environmental information system; 3. Provide, within its competence, environmental, geological, hydrological and meteorological information to the general public, governmental and municipal institutions, and to European Union’s institutions and other international organizations; 4. Enhance the national environmental monitoring 5. Examine quality of the environment; 6. Produce meteorological, hydrological and other specialised forecasts; 7. Provide for exploration of Latvia’s natural resources and development of provisions for their rational and sustainable utilization;
    Area of work/experience
    Geographic Domain:: 
    Societal Sector: 
    central government
    Previous Experience relevant for INSPIRE development: 
    Using GIS for map production. Sharing the data between public authorities and private custamers.
    Primary Business: 
    Geological mapping
    Environmental application domains: