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  • submit reference material as input to the Drafting Teams
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    <p>Météo-France is the National Meteorological Service of France. It is a public administration under the authority of the Ministry of Transport and Housing, responsible for supplying information nationwide on the state of the atmosphere and the repercussions this may have on human life anf property. To meet these requirements, it:<br /> - manages observation networks (surface, upper air, by radar, lightning impacts), the data from which are exchanged with those of other meteorological services worldwide<br /> - receives and processes these data<br /> - receives and processes information supplied by geostationary or polar meteorological satellites<br /> - analyses all this information and feeds it into numerical prediction models, either at global scale or over areas of particular interest,<br /> - transmits this information to the general public, to state organisations responsible for civil safety and defence, and to institutional organisations in important economic sectors (civil aviation, agriculture, production and transport of energy, maritime activities, etc.)<br /> - archives the measurements thus gathered to meet the needs of climate studies and any other applications.</p>
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    see formal mandate above
    WMO and the National Met. Services are going to adopt the ISO 19115 norm for their metadata
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    Central Government
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    See formal mandate above
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    Meteorology and its applications