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NL Hydrographic Service

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NL Hydrographic Service
Proposed role in INSPIRE development
  • submit reference material as input to the Drafting Teams
  • yes
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  • yes
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  • yes
    Level of authority: 
    Kingdom of the Netherlands
    Formal Mandate: 
    <p>The Hydrographic Service provides sea maps and nautical publications concerning the maritime region belonging to the Kingdom of the Netherlands and in the context of international treaties.</p> <p>In addition, the Hydrographic Service produces military hydrographic and meteorological products in accordance with NATO standards. The area of responsibility for civil and military products primarily includes:</p> <p>the Netherlands Continental Shelf;the waters surrounding the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba. </p>
    Main Activities: 
    The main tasks of the Netherlands Hydrographic Service are to chart the sea, to publish the nautical charts and the related hydrographic publications. The area of responsibility concerns the Netherlands Continental Shelf and the waters around the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba. Two hydrographic vessels HNLMS Snellius and HNLMS Luymes are conducting surveys on a daily basis to monitor and record shipping lanes and sea bottom changes. Not only changes in depth are registered but also obstructions and wrecks on the sea bottom are investigated and if necessary, accurately charted. At the shore based Hydrographic Office the collected data, together with other relevant information such as buoys, beacons, lights etc., is stored in a database. The information in this database is the source of all the nautical products. Distribution of all nautical products is organised through a network of agents. On a national level the Hydrographic Service cooperates with the North Sea Directorate of the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Waterways as a federation called 'Netherlands Hydrographic Institute' (NHI). Internationally, as a full member of the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) in Monaco, the service coorporates with all other Hydrographic Services in the world. Additionally the Hydrographic Office makes its knowledge and expertise available to support Naval operations in the fields of hydrography, oceanography, meteorology, positioning, tides and marine geodesy.
    Area of work/experience
    Geographic Domain:: 
    Societal Sector: 
    central government
    Previous Experience relevant for INSPIRE development: 
    Comments on Annex I specifications through national channels (SDIC).
    Primary Business: 
    Geospatial standards