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The results of the INSPIRE evaluation (REFIT) and the implementation report provide a clear picture on the implementation of the INSPIRE Directive at its half-way point. A lot of progress has been made but there is no single country which has fully implemented the Directive to date. At the same time, the most challenging deadlines are still ahead. Further to the orientation debate at the MIG-P in December 2015, it was agreed to translate the direction provided by the MIG-P into a renewed and reviewed Work Programme for the collaboration between the EU level partners and the Member States, the MIWP 2016-2020.

The actions in the first table below have been endorsed in the MIWP 2016-2020. Actions MIWP-5 and MIWP-14 (from the MIWP 2014-2016) will be continued as actions 2016.3 and 2016.4, respectively. Four further actions (MIWP-6, -7a, -7b and -8) will also be continued, but are not included in the table for readability, since they were completed in Q4/2016. All other actions from the MIWP 2014-2016 are not included in the MIWP at this stage, as their problem definition, scope and envisaged objectives can be impacted by the fitness for purpose analysis under core MIWP action 2016.1. Some of these actions may be re-introduced based on the outcome of this action.