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Centre for 3D GeoInformation
Mission and Objectives: 
Centre for 3D GeoInformation can bring together research, public authorities, and business communities in a unique environment of developing 3D GeoInformation applications, all based on new Virtual Reality technology as well as on information regarding urban and rural areas. This will be carried out by establishing a Virtual Geographic Infrastructure (VGI), enabling a wide range of geographically related information to be spread via new, netbased means of communication. One of the new aspects in the centre is the user interface, based on intensive use of Virtual Reality (VR) and 3D. By creating a virtual threedimensional (3D) model of reality and then use it as an index for many other types of information, it becomes possible to use the general human ability to familiarize with the surroundings and navigate through space. A spatial user interface will create new possibilities for presenting reasonably large amounts of data. This means that business communities, politicians and the citizens will gain access to a new media, which is able to present frequently very complicated contexts in an easily accessible way. This media can be used within local and regional planning, marketing of the region (tourism, commercial resources, competence and knowledge) - and also to visualize more abstract forms of information (such as environmental and traffical information). The goal will thus be establishing a pioneering project, which will be the central force for the very latest within VR and GIS technologies. These will be studied, tested and further developed at the same time as an applied diffusion of the technology will take place, aimed at business communities, learning environments and other groups in society. A Centre for 3D GeoInformation is to be a virtual exploratorium in several dimensions. This exploratorium is created partly by gathering knowledge and competence at an internationally high scientific level and partly by developing and conducting development projects. The Centre will then be able to form basis for developing VR technology for the benefit of research and development, strategic functions, operational functions and the mass market in the region of North Jutland.
Formal Mandate: 
Centre for 3D GeoInformation is a part of Aalborg University and our mandate is first and foremost connected to the obligation to perform research and teaching in the adeqate programmes from bachelor level to ph.d. level.
Teaching and research
Aalborg University Department of Development and Planning Division of Geoinformatics & Land Management

Which role(s) do you foresee for the SDIC in INSPIRE development

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  • yes
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