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The British Association of Remote Sensing Companies
Mission and Objectives: 
To conserve, promote and protect the interests of, and encourage co-operation between, all UK companies, partnerships and individuals offering and undertaking consulting and contracting services in the field of remote sensing. To ensure that the interests of the Members of the Association are fully represented in all national, international and government committees which may exist and exert influence on the spheres of interest of Members. To liaise with Government departments, Academic institutions and other similar bodies when undertaking contractual remote sensing activities in the operation of the professional and commercial services provided by Members. To encourage international funding and executing Agencies or organisations instigating remote sensing projects overseas to co-operate with BARSC and its Members. To provide a forum for representations to government and other appropriate bodies in connection with overseas trade visits and exhibitions. To do all such other things as may be conducive to the attainment of the above objectives
Formal Mandate: 
As a Trade Association, it represents the interests of all those involved in remote sensing activities, from major companies to SMEs and independent consultants.
At general meetings of BARSC, usually in London, the membership meets with key personalities from the field of remote sensing. Speakers have included the DG of the European Commission's Joint Research Centre, the DG of BNSC, ESA's Director of Earth Observation, representatives from SPOT Image and EOSAT and distinguished academics in the field. The networking context of our meetings is an important aspect and provides a chance for members to exchange news and views on matters of common concern. Occasional whole day conferences on topical themes have proved popular in recent years. These have included: commercialisation of EO data; export opportunities; and future EO data policy for the next century. The conferences also include lively chaired debates. Regular Executive Committee meetings are held throughout the year to formulate policy, prepare and present communications to government and undertake routine administration. These functions are supported by standing Sub-committees. Topic-specific Working Groups are set up as required to handle particular issues as well as to provide liaison with key government departments. BARSC provides two industrial members to the all-party Parliamentary Space Committee established in 1989.
BAE Systems bluesky International Ltd Commercial Space Technologies Ltd DMC International Imaging Ltd EADS Astrium Ltd ESRI (UK) Imaging Solutions ESYS plc GeoInformation Group HTSPE Ltd Infoterra LogicaCMG Nigel Press Associates Ltd PCI Geomatics Group Ltd QinetiQ Remote Sensing Applications Consultants Ltd Research Systems International (UK) Ltd Satellite Observing Systems SciSys Ltd Systems Engineering & Assessment Ltd Vega Group Plc

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    LogicaCMG: Standards work for ESA LogicaCMG: Study on harmonisation of metereological data for use in GIS for BNSC (ESA) BAE Systems: Producer and distributor of SOCET SET, photogrammetric software for digital mapping, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and three dimensional (3D) visualization or simulation applications. Infoterra UK: Leader on GIS solutions - Geographic Data Hosting Solutions - Geoinformation solutions by using satellite and airplane imagery including data distribution and online maps production. -Multiple geoinformation applications: Forestry, geology, landuse... PCI Geomatics: - Producers of the Geomatica software package (image rectification, data visualization and analysis, plus functionality for full cartographic map production -Experts in horthoimagery and image distorsion rectification -Experts in DEM extraction from stereo airphotos & selected satellite sensors. ESYS Plc: is working for the Reuters Foundation to supply satellite imagery and related information resources to the AlertNet online humanitarian information service. ESYS respond in near real time to developing and anticipated global humanitarian disaster scenarios by collating and publishing the best available geo-spatial information resources. SciSys ltd: Experts in GIS systems and the space sector: SciSys has developed a pedigree in developing solutions that have integrated Geographic Information for a wide variety of clients ranging from Thames Water to the Environment Agency. We also provide a variety of both Government and Defence Geographic Information related projects, where Geographic Information is a key element of the solution but the solution requires the broad knowledge base of an experienced systems integrator.
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