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Bureau Veritas (European Environmental Assessment Data Reporting)
Bureau Veritas HS&E Limited
Mission and Objectives: 
Commercial environmental and geospatial/geographic information consultancy services to the public and private sector at National, regional and local levels. Discuss issues of harmonisation of national, regional and local environmental datasets to support the European Commission Data Exchange Group (DEG). Provision to the EC Air Quality Data Exchange Working group of geographic information expertise and technical advice to streamline future air quality reporting procedures in line with INSPIRE Directive requirements. This work addresses scale issues, harmonization of assessment methods, reference systems, metadata and data validation - and encoding systems considering data requirements of the new Air Quality Directive following CAFÉ steering group recommendations. Assist DEG pursuing the following objectives: 1. Develop a streamlined data exchange and reporting system that is based on exclusive electronic availability of information; 2. Pursue compliance with the INSPIRE concept and provide increased added value to information users (Commission, Member States and others); 3. To the extent it does not compromise the previous objective, streamline reporting obligations and reduce associated administrative burden. Provide technical support to the European Environmental Agency through consultancy services. Provision of a geographic information system based reporting mechanism associated with Directive 2002/49/EC on the Assessment and Management of Environmental Noise (END). Further discussion of the Reporting mechanisms to be adopted in the light of INSPIRE requirements. Include GI data certification awards in the current Bureau Veritas Certification schemes.
Formal Mandate: 
European Commission
Expert Member of the EC Air Quality Data Exchange Working group, coordinating Member States views and contributions on reporting procedures for compliance purposes and drafting technical specification of Implementing provisions in line INSPIRE requirements.
Participation in EC working groups: Provision of technical support to the European Commission Expert Group on Data Exchange (DEG) to help delineating the Implementing Provisions for Reporting under the New Air Quality Directive (resulting from the Clean Air for Europe initiative). Technical specifications development: Taking the lead and contributing to the development of the technical specifications to amend the current questionnaire format to report Air Quality to the Commission (current 2004/461/EC questionnaire) without compromising the previous objective and imposing extra burdens to Member States. Contract delivery to the EEA (EEA service contract 3608/B22006/EEA.52683) finalising of a reporting system associated with Directive 2002/49/EC on the Assessment and Management of Environmental Noise in line with INSPIRE requirements. Pilot projects: The methodology proposed to the Commission allows the development of a reporting strategy which will enable an EU-wide system to make air quality data available to the Commission and the Member States on a Geographic Information System format and in line with INSPIRE requirements. It is envisaged that the following stage in the discussion of the proposed methodology will be the setting out of a pilot study within selected Member States (at least two with different spatial reporting scales and assessment methodologies) which will address the feasibility of the method. Such case study will act as a Prototype for a Multiscale European Air Quality Information System aiming at complying with the forthcoming INSPIRE Directive requirements and the Shared Environmental Information system. A preliminary pilot project was developed by Bureau Veritas to test the preliminary method proposed including datasets from Italy, Belgium and the UK. The pilot project allowed the reporting of information required for compliance checking purposes and other aspects of the implementation of the Air Quality Directive (AQD), proposal as well as offering an air quality information exchange mechanism between Member States in line with INSPIRE requirements. Delivery of commercial geospatial consultancy: Bureau Veritas major clients include the EEA, the UK EA, the UK Highways Agency, the UK Environment Agency, UK Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and local Authorities throughout the UK and Europe. Services include provision of environmental assessment data in a GIS format, strategic advice on Environmental assessment and reporting data formats, GI and SDI issues, including the delivery of governmental web GI based systems to report national air quality monitoring information to the public (contract on behalf of Defra, Also delivery of technical software-based solutions (including internet mapping) and undertaking data processing and analysis. Strong project management skills in addition to technical and sector-based knowledge.
UK Department of Environment, Food, and regional Affairs, Defra, UK Local Authorities, UK Department for Transport, DfT, UK EA, EC Data Exchange Working Group (Air Quality)
Bureau Veritas are working closely with the European Commission on various reporting mechanisms required under a wide environmental legislative framework (e.g. Noise Directive, New Air Quality Directive) being an active member of the Air Quality Data Exchange Group, delineating data technical specifications in line with INSPIRE. As a result of our environmental and GIS related activities we have a broad and deep understanding of the various technical issues involved and implementation challenges associated with INSPIRE. Given our strong links with Central and Local Government monitoring and reporting environmental data activities, Bureau Veritas are able to link its experience to strategic work for national government agencies, being able to provide a consistent view of the whole-life consequences of GI policies.

Which role(s) do you foresee for the SDIC in INSPIRE development

  • submit reference material as input to the Drafting Teams
  • yes
  • allocate experts to Drafting Teams
  • yes
  • participate in the review process
  • yes
  • contribute to cost/benefit analysis of the draft Implementing Rules
  • yes
  • implement pilot projects to test/revise/develop the draft Implementing Rules
  • yes
  • collect and describe user requirements related to Environmental policies
  • yes
  • register a project to test/revise/develop the draft Implementing Rules
  • yes
  • contribute to awareness raising and training
  • yes
  • be kept informed
  • yes
    Geographic Domain
    European Union Member States
    Societal Sector
    private sector
    Specific Expertise
    Previous Experience relevant for INSPIRE development
    Bureau Veritas have been working closely with the UK Government in making sure that major national, regional and local mapping contracts are in line with INSPIRE requirements. An example of an on going contract is Defra’s Noise Mapping Contract. A methodology for representing industrial sources in a noise model which is simple, reproducible, robust and in line with INSPIRE has been developed. Another example is the design, implementation and mangement of web sites to offer free GIS based monitoring data information to the public. We have recently launched the site on behalf of Defra where users can freely access monitoring data across the UK in a GIS based format. We endeavour to continue to update our sites to attend to INSPIRE requirements. Bureau Veritas has also a well established experience in designing and offering web based systems which allow clients to submit, publish and view data, which is submitted to stringent data quality procedures. Our GIS team offer a dedicated range of consultancy and technical services for the public and private sector. Our capability allows planners, engineers, property, data and environmental managers to record, manage, interrogate and visualise environmental information in a systematic manner. Bureau Veritas is experienced in using information technology to manage large scale and multi-disciplinary projects, enabling users to increase data process efficiency. Our consultancy services cover the entire project lifecycle from identifying opportunities and advising on design through to advising on public sector policies and their implementation through a structured information and data managed process. Such projects have included the implementation of constraints mapping for environmental impact assessments, assessment and presentation of carbon emissions for green travel plans, air quality and noise mapping for the UK Government, landscape visualisation, contaminated land modelling studies and advice to UK regulators on data product management and commercial use. Services provided include: Advice on European Union data and information policy, Corporate and government information policy, Design and management of information based projects, Advice on data product development and commercial exploitation, Regulatory impact assessment costing studies, Cartography and map production, Spatial analysis using GIS, Demographic modelling and population exposure assessment, Database design and development, EIA data coordination, mapping and analysis, Simple automated electronic reporting forms, Advice on the acquisition of digital data for projects to comply with INSPIRE requirements. Our in-house projects have aimed at producing documentation of existing spatial data, the implementation of services aimed at rendering the spatial data more accessible and interoperable and by dealing with obstacles to the use of the spatial data. We have been dealing with all the data themes to be considered within the INSPIRE spatial infrastructure.
    Environmental application domains
    Monitoring Biodiversity, Monitoring Water pollution, Monitoring Air pollution, Monitoring Soil pollution, Monitoring Waste, Climate change, Spatial Planning , Transport development, Urban development , Rural development, Water Resources Management, Vegetation Management, Soil resources Management, Energy Management, Mineral resources Management, Man-made Hazard Management, Transport and pipe-lines Management, Industrial sites Management, Hazardous waste Management, Drought Prevention and Management, Fire Prevention and Management , Health Prevention and Management
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    Aerospace, Oil and Gas, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Building Material, Power, Construction, Property and Real Estate, Consumer Goods, Public Organisations and Local Authorities, Engineering Contractors, Retail, Finance and Insurance, Services, Food, Telecom, Health, Tourism, Highways and Rail, Transport, Industrial Equipment, Utilities, Marine, Safety, Health and Environment Management (Indoor Air and Water Quality, Health and Safety, Fire Science , Occupational Hygiene, Asbestos Management , Environmental Assessment and Management , Air Quality, Emissions Measurement, Industrial Permitting and Performance, Land and Water Quality, Acoustics and Vibration, Waste Management , Development and Flood Risk, Ecology, Information Solutions ), Engineering Inspection, Product and Process Verification, Building and Infrastructure, Testing and Analysis, Certification, Asset Management – Buildings, Training
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