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CEN/TC 287 Geographic Information
CEN/TC 287
Mission and Objectives: 
The European Committee for Standardization, CEN, is multi-sectorial and develops European Standards for most areas ( CEN contributes to the objectives of the European Union and European Economic Area with voluntary technical standards, which promote free trade, the safety of workers and consumers, interoperability of networks, environmental protection, exploitation of research and development programmes, and public procurement. European Standards are voluntary agreements between 28 European countries, adopted by CEN, CENELEC or ETSI and carrying with them an obligation of implementation as an identical national standard and withdrawal of conflicting national standards. CEN's mission is to foster the European economy in global trade, to uphold the welfare of European citizens and to protect the environment. The standards programme is coordinated by the Technical Board of CEN. CEN has various types of deliverables: European Standard (EN), Technical Specification (CEN/TS), Technical Report (CEN/TR), CEN Guide, and CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA). Most standards and reports are drawn up in technical committees and their working groups. CEN Workshop Agreements are drawn up in Workshops. Of all the deliverables, only ENs are normative. The scope of CEN/TC287 Geographic Information is standardization in the field of digital geographic information for Europe.
Formal Mandate: 
CEN/TC 287 will produce a structured framework of standards and guidelines, which specify a methodology to define, describe and transfer geographic data and services. This work will be carried out in close co-operation with ISO/TC 211 in order to avoid duplication of work. The standards will support the consistent use of geographic information throughout Europe in a manner which is compatible with international usage. They will support a spatial data infrastructure at all levels in Europe. This is achieved by: 1. adoption of the ISO 19100 series as European standards; 2. development and take-up of new standards, profiles of standards in cooperation with ISO/TC 211, needed for the immediate INSPIRE initiative and other collaborative programmes; 3. facilitating interoperability with related standards initiatives through necessary harmonization and associated agreements; 4. promotion of the use of and education on standards on geographic information. NEN, the Netherlands Institute for Normalisation, is responsible for the secretariat of CEN/TC287. The chair of CEN/TC 287 is Prof. Dr. Henri Aalders.
CEN/TC 287 has currently one working group, WG Spatial Data Infrastructure, which is charged with the following tasks: 1. Identification of standards and their profiles to be used for creating SDI in Europe, 2. Guidelines for implementers of SDI in Europe, 3. Conformance testing and registers for SDI in Europe, taking into account the following priority: a. Metadata profile of ISO 19115, b. Web Map Service (WMS), c. GI metadata catalogue service, d. Others. A technical report by CEN/TC287 WG SDI on the above topics is expected by July 2006. To date, nine standards produced by ISO/TC211 have become European Standards: EN ISO 19101:2005 Geographic information - Reference model (identical to ISO 19101:2002) EN ISO 19105:2005 Geographic information - Conformance and testing (ISO 19105:2000) EN ISO 19108:2005 Geographic information - Temporal schema (ISO 19108:200 2) EN ISO 19107:2005 Geographic information - Spatial schema (ISO 19107:2003) EN ISO 19111:2005 Geographic information - Spatial referencing by coordinates (ISO 19111:2003) EN ISO 19112:2005 Geographic information - Spatial referencing by geographic identifiers (ISO 19112:2003) EN ISO 19113:2005 Geographic information - Quality principles (ISO 19113: 2002) EN ISO 19114:2005 Geographic information - Quality evaluation procedures (ISO 19114:2003) EN ISO 19115:2005 Geographic information - Metadata (ISO 19115:2003) National Standards Bodies have two years to transpose new ENs into their national standards systems. The following documents are under development: prEN ISO 19106 Geographic information - Profiles prEN ISO 19116 Geographic information - Positioning services prEN ISO/TR 19120 Geographic information - Functional standards prEN ISO/TR 19121 Geographic information - Imagery and gridded data prEN ISO 19125-1 Geographic information - Simple feature access - Part 1: Common architecture prEN ISO 19125-2 Geographic information - Simple feature access - Part 2: SQL option CEN TR Standards, specifications, technical reports and guidelines, required to implement Spatial Data Infrastructure prEN ISO 19111 Geographic information - Spatial referencing by coordinates
CEN member states (national standardization bodies) and liaison organizations.

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