INSPIRE Knowledge Base


Mission and Objectives: 
Compass Informatics Ltd (Dublin, Ireland) advises central and local government on SDI strategy, policy and implementation issues. Compass are also involved in deploying SDI compliance toolkits, creating national geo portals and associated technical work.
Formal Mandate: 
Compass Informatics is a for-profit ICT and geomatics company, working primarily with government in Ireland and the UK.
Compass has conducted INSPIRE Master Classes (full day workshops) in Ireland, for central and local government and in academia, since May 2008. Compass staff are directly involved with implementing the Irish SDI (development and implementation of the Irish Spatial Data Exchange pilot national geoportal) and are primary external advisors to the government of Turkey in planning and implementing the Turkish NSDI, sub-contracted to the Turkish Satellite Corporation. Compass is involved in several Irish projects relating to the environment and operate the Irisih National Biodiversity Data Centre for the government of Ireland.
Compass Informatics corporate and/or senior staff are members of: Irish Association for Geogrpahic Information (IRLOGI) Association for Geographic Information (AGI), UK GSDI Association (Legal & Socioeconomic Committee) International Association for Landscape Ecology Irish Institution of Surveyors The Coastal & Marine Union/EUCC International Geospatial Society INSPIRE Thematic Working Group AM International Institute of Business Analysis
Compass SDI staff have been involved in developing national and pan-European SDI strategy and implementation for over a decade, working with the European Commission and national government institutions in a range of geospatial information management areas.

Which role(s) do you foresee for the SDIC in INSPIRE development

  • submit reference material as input to the Drafting Teams
  • yes
  • allocate experts to Drafting Teams
  • yes
  • participate in the review process
  • yes
  • contribute to cost/benefit analysis of the draft Implementing Rules
  • yes
  • collect and describe user requirements related to Environmental policies
  • yes
  • contribute to awareness raising and training
  • yes
    Geographic Domain
    Ireland, UK, Western Europe and Turkey
    Societal Sector
    local and national government
    Specific Expertise
    Previous Experience relevant for INSPIRE development
    Compass operate the Irish National Biodiversity Data Centre for the government and have been involved in several ICT projects for the environmental and energy sectors in Ireland. They are also remote sensing and aerial survey specialists for Ireland. Compass staff have been involved in INSPIRE development and INSPIRE-related implementation projects in FP6 and nationally (e.g. the Irish Spatial Data Exchange geoportal). They also contributed to the national Irish NSDI strategy development in 2005-2006 and now advise the government of Turkey on NSDI strategy and implementaiton there, since January 2010. Compass have completed major projects in the following areas incorporating geospatial information or systems: - Natural resources & environmental management, - Land & Asset Management Information Systems, - Urban, Regional, Socio-economic, and Transport Planning, - Local & Central Government Information Systems.
    Environmental application domains
    biodiversity, sustainable energy, marine information
    Primary Business
    ICT data management systems, business systems analysis, environmental information project