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ENVEurope - Environmental quality and pressures assessment across Europe: the LTER network as an integrated and shared system for ecosystem monitoring
Mission and Objectives: 
The EnvEurope project aims to: 1. Select and provide data, information and ecological indicators concerning the long-term quality trends of terrestrial, marine, freshwater ecosystems at European scale, inside the monitoring network E-LTER (European Long Term Ecosystem Research network) 2. Select and collect data able to provide information on environmental quality and drivers in respect of indicators and methodologies shared and applied in the main European networks (LTER Europe, EIONET, EU Forest Focus & ICPs of UNECE/CLRTAP/WGE, Natura2000, etc.). 3. Reorganise the E-LTER network on the basis of suitable sites, reflecting ecological, political and economic stratification of Europe. The reorganisation will contribute to the development of SEIS and GMES initiatives.
Formal Mandate: 
EU 'Life' project coordinator and partners.
The main activities related to the SDI problematic are Data/Metadata management and System Architecture within the A1 action of the project. Particular issues that should be taken into consideration are: 1. Metadata models - existing, community MD model proposals and development (based on existing and domain experts suggestions), Prepare procedures for possibility of future MD serving to the European SDI (INSPIRE MD model) as well to the Global SDI (GEOSS) 2. Data models - collection of examples for existing data, community specific data model proposals and development (Generic data model), Mapping to INSPIRE data models, 3. System architecture - the state of the art within domain - already developed, still developing or proposed and being developed similar architectures (INSPIRE, GMES GEOSS, SEIS); Services for discovery and use - view, download (access); Community portal application proposals and development
National Research Council - Italy - CNR Federal Environmental Agency - Austria - UBA National Forest Service - Italy - CONECOFOR University of Jyväskylä - Finland - JYU Senckenberg, Research Institutes and Natural History Museums - Germany - SENCK Helmholtz, Centre for Environmental Research - Germany - UFZ University of Bucharest, Department of Ecology - Romania - UNIBUC Forest Research and Management Institute - Romania - ICAS University of Debrecen - Hungary - UNIDEB Hungarian Academy of Sciences - Hungary - HAS European Regional Centre for Ecohydrology U/A Unesco, International Institute of Polish Academy of Sciences - Poland - ERCE Lithuanian University of Agriculture - Lithuania - LUA Spanish National Research Council - Spain - CSIC Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences - Sweden - SLU Central Laboratory of General Ecology- Bulgaria - CLGE Institute for Ecology of Industrial Areas - Poland - IETU

Which role(s) do you foresee for the SDIC in INSPIRE development

  • allocate experts to Drafting Teams
  • yes
  • contribute to cost/benefit analysis of the draft Implementing Rules
  • yes
  • implement pilot projects to test/revise/develop the draft Implementing Rules
  • yes
  • register a project to test/revise/develop the draft Implementing Rules
  • yes
  • contribute to awareness raising and training
  • yes
  • be kept informed
  • yes
    Geographic Domain
    Around 60 sites in 11 European countries
    Societal Sector
    research, scientific, technical and education support
    Specific Expertise
    Previous Experience relevant for INSPIRE development
    Expertise in the metadata management - creation, distribution, validation and transformation to comply with INSPIRE MD profile. Expertise in INSPIRE Network services (discovery and view) schema development for GetServiceMetadata response development. Expertise in Discovery and View service testing against the INSPIRE requirements.