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Farrer Consulting Limited
Mission and Objectives: 
Expert optimisation of spatial data. Our objectives are to assist our clients to: 1)analyse and review their existing geographic data 2)assist in digitisation to approved platforms 3)cleansing, harmonising and formatting data to meet multiple regulatory requirements 4)production and implementation of bespoke data specifications to aid reporting for regulation and governance 5)review of technical architecture and process models 6)build of metadata tools
Formal Mandate: 
Farrer Consulting is the consultancy arm of Biwater Services Ltd. Based in the UK, Farrer Consulting has over 15 years experience in data management, IT solutions, asset survey, engineering, and environmental monitoring. Until April 2007, Farrer Consulting was a successful trading division of Biwater Treatment Ltd. In fact Farrer was so successful that a decision was made to separate it as an independent consultancy. Farrer Consulting Limited was incorporated and has just ended its first year of trading as a separate incorporated entity within the Biwater Services Group of Companies. For the year 2006 / 07, Farrer traded as part of Biwater Treatment Ltd. (BTL) and there is a note in the BTL accounts to this effect. For the year 2005 / 06, Farrer pre-existed as WAM – an in-house consultancy within BTL. Biwater is a multinational company that was founded in 1968 in the United Kingdom. Biwater operates as a group of companies, with well established businesses in Africa, the Americas, Europe and the Far East. Farrer Consulting’s diverse capability brings a significant volume of work from long–term contracts. Our long-standing clients appreciate the value added by our focused service quality, supported by intellectual capacity that ensures appropriate application of resources for this project. Our Data Management services are currently provided to water and electricity utilities, highway authorities, airport authorities, industrial, commercial organisations and local authorities. Farrer’s Data Management experience covers geo-spatial data, works management data, customer contact data, billing data, address data and asset performance data. Within Scotland Farrer has a long-standing relationship with Scottish Water and has provided these data management services to Scottish Water and its predecessors since 1999. Our main project work is delivered through undertaking a wide range of data gathering, measurement and analysis to provide cost effective and innovative IT solutions for clients infrastructure problems. Our engineers, consultants and surveyors benefit from being part of a large diverse group, with support services and a wide resource base. Our techniques have been applied to many Biwater “owned” projects throughout the world giving our engineers a broad and practical outlook on these IT focused, data driven applications. Farrer’s initial experience has been born out of the UK water industry. Plans for the next five years are to continue data management and IT solution expansion toward other utilities and the public sector in general. Farrer’s expertise developed in the data-intensive utility sector has created highly transferable skills which are applicable to many other adjacent sectors. Our future focus strategy is to make definite steps into the adjacent GIS sector as data management connected to geographic overlays provide high-value information and give new insights to existing data-sets.
Farrer is an experienced GIS and Data Management company with expert staff in all aspects of GIS functions. Our latest projects include: 1.Farrer has experience in specifying & implementing three Oracle based applications for Scottish Water and integrated that with their existing corporate systems (including GIS). This has reduced their time in resolving the customer complaints received towards Low pressure, Flooding and Interruption to Water supply. 2.Farrer has designed and developed software for United Utilities to undertake risk assessment of leakage of Fluid Filled Cables on to water courses. This utility links data from various corporate systems and provides a spatial system to view the risks spatially. 3.Farrer also helped Edinburgh Council to implement their scanned drainage records on to Scottish Water network. This work involves in helping Edinburgh Council to index these records, which will help Scottish Water staff to use it effectively. We also bought and implemented Alchemy software to use these records and trained Scottish Water staff.
Farrer is a corporate member of AGI We have staff who are members of: M.I.C.E M.C.I.W.E.M Member, Institution of Civil Engineers Member, Chartered Institute of Water & Environmental Management Member, Institute of Water Officers Fellow of the Chartered Institution of Water & Environmental Management Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers Fellow of the Institution of Water Officers Member of the European Water Association Association for Project Management

Which role(s) do you foresee for the SDIC in INSPIRE development

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    Geographic Domain
    UK, Cyprus, Bulgaria, USA, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Ghana, Sudan
    Societal Sector
    Private Sector
    Specific Expertise
    Previous Experience relevant for INSPIRE development
    Farrer have been working closely with Scottish Water to cleanse their utilities data to bring it to the industry standard. This included field work, network analysis, digitisation, production and implementation of bespoke data.
    Environmental application domains
    We have been analysing and maintaining meterological data for the Metservice and Scottish Water to identify the capacity of the networks and frequency of extreme events
    Primary Business
    Asset Management, Water and Waste Water Utilities, GIS