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Future Position X
Mission and Objectives: 
Future Position X (FPX) is the meeting-place for those companies and organisations that promote growth and development within the GIS-field. FPX works to develop the Gavle-region into an international GIS-centre. FPX is an independent society that supports and develops the member companies’ competitive abilities and presence in the market within the GIS-field. By being a development partner with an innovative and user-friendly perspective, FPX contributes to the forming of new companies and to the growth of these companies. One of the targets of the society is to have participated in the creation of 150 new jobs up to year 2009. FPX has been lucky during the four years we have so far been working in an operative position, which is demonstrated, amongst other things, in the formation of several new companies, 50-odd new vacancies, more than 15 million SEK in seed financing/venture capital, and that the establishment of three foreign companies in the Gavle area within the GIS-field are now in progress. FPX also has established businesses in Norway, Estonia and Finland as well as established a good and close co-operation with Fiber Optic Valley. Much of the work during the first years has been directed towards creating a platform to build the activities upon. Now, when inaugurating the FPX-lab, much of this is in place, and the next phase is to extend the activities and get more participators in the operative work, regionally, nationally and internationally. FPX has constructed a GIS-Development lab situated in Teknikparken on Nobelvagen in Gavle. The FPX-lab offers opportunities to test, develop and evaluate systems/services in a realistic multi-user environment, a closeness to GIS-competence as well as access to a test population where one can test one’s product on the market. The lab also functions as a technical base for testing, development, validation and demonstration of GIS-related applications and services.
Formal Mandate: 
Future Position X has its mandate directly from the the member organisations within the public and private sector.
FPX are organized in four business areas and they are: FPX Markets Future Position X assist in the development of new services and towards new markets. With our extensive international network, we offer companies the highway to new geographical ground. Our knowledge about the markets needs and demands then gives a head start when a company decide to grow. The market knowledge also works as a generator for new product ideas and for new firms to develop in response to customer needs. FPX Networks Future Position X is a cluster based in the Gävle region in Sweden, where some of the most innovative GIS organisations are found. This is the basis when we, with an open and generous attitude, form the network now covering more than ten countries. Our cluster attracts knowledge and people, stimulates new ideas and companies to grow. Now, Gävle develops as Europe’s GIS centre and with expanded circles of contacts and new impulses, the business opportunities increase. FPX Labs Future Position X has established an advanced test lab where the fundamental question asked is - “What will happen if we do it this way?” The lab environment contains top-notch computer capacity, software, systems, databases and a test population comprising several hundreds of households ready to respond to tests of services and products. By using market analyses and in-depth interviews, we are mapping people´s wishes, demands and needs for new innovative geographic information- and location based services. The lab is also building functions for test and validation of Geodata quality and applications. FPX Research Future Position X collaborates with the GIS Research Institute at the University of Gävle. An international research institute developing new knowledge in cooperation with leading companies and who has research collaboration on five continents. Our collaboration concerns to the greatest extent applied research and the results should be usable. The institute is located in the Technology Park, so as to influence and be influenced by users and the surrounding commercial and industrial life.
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FPX are working close with several regional authorities in Sweden to support the development of city planning, health related GIS solutions and crisis information systems.

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