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Cross Border SDI between all 9 Austrian Provinces
Mission and Objectives: offers free access to important Geodata and it is the first step of the implementation of strategic objectives defined by Austrian Geodata politics. It offers the possibility to view different Gedodata of all 9 federal states of Austria by using an Internet Browser (without any Plugin). Moreover search for places and coordinates, zoom-in and zoom-out are implemented, of course it is possible to print the selected maps. Both the specific datapool and the functionality of the maps are steadily enhanced. Geodata Network of the Austrian Federal States With the realisation of the Geodata Network with all Austrian Federal states through, the first concrete step of the conversion of aims, defined by Austrian Geodata politics, is made. Free and Austria-wide access This Geodata Network should offer a free and Austria-wide access to Geodata and services of the federal states of Austria for many purposes. The planned openness of the Geodata network with decentralised data-management following the subsidiarity principle on the basis of international standards (OGC) offers moreover the possibility to include and link further Geodata. The user can access Austria-wide GIS data (entire Austria, not each federal state on his own like until now) and visualize as well as print this data. It is sufficient to use a simple Web browser, the user does not have to have specific software knowledge nor does the user have to run his / her own GIS-system (hardware, software, data). Aims and benefits of the project This Project should not replace the existing Online solutions of the Federal states as they offer much more specific and detailed information as well as functions for the specific federal state. Moreover, information is provided which is normally available only state-specific. is not a competitor but an addition to national and international activities in this area. Detailed information about the project is available as a pdf-document (German).
Formal Mandate: 
Regional Government
Public consortium of the 9 Austrian provinces (GIS Departments) based on an agreement and stated especially for the purpose of establishing an Austrian SDI.
* Installing a working group of GIS-Experts of the Austrian Provinces * Defining harmonized Gedataservices * Providing standardized Metadataservices * Implementing of a OGC-based HTML-Geobrowser * Organizing workshops, working groups, * Defining technical specifications for Webmapping-Services (OGC) * Providing a cascading OGC-based WMS for free use * Implementing a CMS-based WEB-Portal * Developing download Services (WFS) * Establishing partnerships with governmental and private organisations (eg. Ministery of Environment - BMLFUW)
All 9 Austrian Provinces

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