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GI Norden

Nordic association for geographic information
GI Norden
Mission and Objectives: 
Our mission is to develop, co-ordinate and promote the member organisations conclusions on international and regional decisions on geographic infrastructure issues. Our objectives are to develop the general and professional knowledge of geographic information and promote geographic information as part of our societies infrastructure.
Formal Mandate: 
GI Norden is founded on the membership of national GI associations represented by one organisation from each country in the Nordic region. The members are Geoforum Danmark, ULI, ProGIS, LISA and GeoForum. Færøyene and Greenland has the status as observers. The observer has the right to participate in the board meetings with the ability to forward propositions and participate in the debate without the right to vote. In the articles of GI Norden and the working program it is lied down an initiative to extend the membership with an association from each of the countries Lativa, Estland and Litauen.
The main activity is the arrangement of a yearly congress for professional on an ambulant base with 5 years cycles between the Nordic countries. The GI Norden is supporting a Nordic working group on international standardisation. The working group is representing the national bodies of standardisation and their task is to co-ordinate and prepare the Nordic views on proposal to new standards in different stages in the hearing process of CEN and ISO standardisation. In order to extend the knowledge and usefulness of geographic information to public, professionals and society, GI Norden is co-operating with different organisations when it comes to arranging courses and seminars on topics within the GI Nordens framework of activities. GI Norden aims both financially and technical to initiate projects within the GI Nordens framework of activities to stimulate the progress of technical skill to production, effectiveness of public sector and benefits to markets demand. The GI Norden vision is to get geographic information accepted and treated as part of the public infrastructure world-wide. These aims will be achieved by fulfilment of the activities within the organisations framework and by highlighting the issue through founding and awarding a price of honour for having carried outstanding company or personal skill in developing or promoting geographic information.
The membership of GI Norden consist of following associations. Denmark: GeoForum Danmark (, Norway: GeoForum (, Iceland: LISA (, Finland: ProGIS (, Sweden: ULI ( The members in GI Norden are all ideal organisations with membership on personal and company/organisation levels but in general only personal members has the right to vote with the exception of ULI Sweden where companies/organisations also have these rights.
GI Norden is the acronym to "Nordic association for geographic information" and is a non profit organisation within the field of geographic information. GI Norden was originally established in 1989 as AM/FM-GIS Nordic Region as an branch to AM/FM International, European Division. The general assembly was formed by participants at the yearly conference arranged by the GI Norden board in co-operation with the national GIS organisations in each of the Nordic countries. At the general assembly 4th June 2005 GI Norden was transferred to a new organisation. The invitation to the main GIS organisations in the Nordic countries to become a member in GI Norden was accepted and approved by the general assembly together with the new articles. The GI Norden is registered in Norway and governed by Norwegian laws. The office is integrated with GeoForum (Norway). e-mail URL

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  • yes
  • contribute to awareness raising and training
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    The GI Norden board and its members is representing knowledge from the entire working program of Inspire. This knowledge will be made available to the drafting teams through the work carried out from the national secretariat in all five countries and through the established Inspire working group.
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