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Subsoil Network Laboratory
Mission and Objectives: 
“LabNets” is a Community involving 40 public and private subject (Region Lombardia as coordinator) to create a spatial data infrastructure for exchanging and integrating technological nets information. It’s an interinstitutional and an interregional project cross experience’s change and knowledge verify advanced ideas and solutions to improve rational subsoil management.The main objective of the " LabNets " concern to define a technical specification for a technological nets spatial data infrastructure (water supply and sewarage systems, electrical power systems, gas and oil production, storage and distribution, telecommunications) to face a coordinated and integrated subsoil government.
Formal Mandate: 
"LabNets" is a public and private association create cross voluntary contract signing for the implementation of the technological nets spatial data infrastructure to gather and integrate information by different institutional level.
Workshop and development application project Mapping specifications of the technological networks Identifying, harmonizing and implementing SDI standards Development of concept for geo data sharing
The project involve regional governments of Lombardia (project co-ordinator), Piemonte, Toscana, Veneto, Liguria, Valle d’Aosta; provincial local authorities of Bergamo and Brescia; the municipalities of Milano, Venezia, Cremona, Genova, Monza, Buccinasco, Aosta; Presolana aggregation municipalities.In addiction to these institutional authorities there are:Public Utilities CompaniesAem Cremona, Aem Milano, Aem Tirano, Amga Spa Genova, Asa Spa Livorno, Asi Mantova - Tea Mantova, Cap Gestione, Cogeme, Cogeme Informatica, Insula, Metropolitana Milanese, Metroweb, SCRP - Società Cremasca Reti e Patrimonio, Set Srl, Alcatel Italia, BasCom Bergamo, Fastweb, Galileian Plus, Padania Acque, Idra Patrimonio)UniversitiesUniversity of Milano – Politecnico, University of Venezia – IUAVNational Agency for new technologies:ENEAThis SDIC is open to any partner who wants to contribute to the mission and objectives. About that, the community is evaluating to expand cooperation at national level (Minister for Innovation and Technologies, Minister for Environment)
The community is composed by 176 delegates of companies and society who had subscribed a declaration of agreement for the constitution and the actuate of the project “LabNets”. The plan of activities is divided in three basic theme’s fields treated by appropriated operation board and coordinated by a steering commitee. “LabNets” uses a website with reserved area for community member for documents and informations' exchange.

Which role(s) do you foresee for the SDIC in INSPIRE development

  • submit reference material as input to the Drafting Teams
  • yes
  • implement pilot projects to test/revise/develop the draft Implementing Rules
  • yes
  • register a project to test/revise/develop the draft Implementing Rules
  • yes
    Geographic Domain
    The project interests all the urbanizzate areas or new urbanization’s areas
    Societal Sector
    The project interest a different institutional level: central, regional and local government, private sector and research
    Specific Expertise
    Previous Experience relevant for INSPIRE development
    1. Elaboration of a model structured for the homogenous mapping of the technological nets and definition modality of topographical relief; 2. Experimentation of the model to level of local governement based on datas from different sources; 3. Model’s sharing by a lot of customers and information’s collecting sharing on the various levels of government.
    Environmental application domains
    Pipe-line and networks management
    Primary Business
    None. Laboratory is a community no profit