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the Dutch National Database on Flora and Fauna
Mission and Objectives: 
The main objectives of the National Authority on Data for Nature is to unite, uniform, validate and distribute species distribution data of the Netherlands to unify the possibility of sustainable development with the protection of natural values.
Formal Mandate: 
National Government
The National authority himself, installed by the Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food quality, is independend of all parties, but has a small non-profit foundation behind him for support. The Office manages the network of data gathering organisations as well as the data users. Under direction of the Authority the facility is being developed together with two partners.
The main activities of the Authority and his office are to uphold and develop the national database, its network of users and the quality assurance of the data.
The National Database is being developed by the National Authority and the 10 Private Organisations for nature observations united in the VOFF and the university of Amsterdam. The network of data providing and using organisations is very large. It consists a.o. of the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food quality, the Ministry of water affairs, provinces and counties, water boards and planning compagnies etc.
The national database on flora and fauna contains and provides data on species distributions to any party in society dealing with nature, including law and policy institutions, planners, volunteers and citizens.

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    Geographic Domain
    The Netherlands
    Societal Sector
    National policy to local policy concerning nature
    Specific Expertise
    Previous Experience relevant for INSPIRE development
    The "NDFF-EcoGRID Logisch Datamodel versie 3" is a logical data model for biodiversity observation data and related information in The Netherlands and potentially beyond. It has been developed in a broad collaboration between representatives of the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, the University of Amsterdam, and various data collecting organisations represented by Stichting Veldonderzoek Flora en Fauna. The data model describes species observations, ranging from observations by citizens and citizen scientists to organised survey campaigns run by professionals, as well as how to represent the reference material(e.g. standard lists of taxa and other domain values) needed to express their meaning accurately. Features of particular interest include 1) its suitability for modelling observation data on the full range of multicellular organisms, including animals, plants and fungi, in a single model, 2) its built-in facility for the representation of uncertainty in all aspects of the observation data, and 3) its ability to adequately deal with new developments in the reference data (such as the taxonomy). This version of the document is content-complete, but not yet definitive. We are in the process of designing an implementation, and expect some small adjustments to be made. The document itself will also likely be improved on details. However, we believe that it is already quite usable in its current form, and will be a useful contribution to the INSPIRE effort. a pdf-document is available.
    Environmental application domains
    All data are georeferenced
    Primary Business
    Development and exploitation of the NAtional database of flora and fauna of the Netherlands