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Planetek Italia s.r.l.
Mission and Objectives: 
Planetek Italia S.r.l. is a leading multidisciplinary Geographical Information Services (GIS) and Earth Observation consultancy company, which provides solutions for the authoring, management and distribution of data for the territorial planning and management, and the environment monitoring. The company's mission is based on the development of modern solutions and the application of advanced technologies to satisfy the specific demands of customers. Planetek Italia deals with the research of new applications about satellite remote sensed images, the development of Geographic Information Systems and the integration of informative sources and technologies. This business strategy is supported by a continuous investment in the improvement of the company's and its employees' know-how.
Formal Mandate: 
Planetek Italia is a founder member of AIPAS, Italian Small and Medium Aerospace Enterprises Association, member of EARSC, the European Association of Remote Sensing Companies, and is a member of Italian associations AIT and AMFM-GIS. Planetek Italia is also member of AZIMUTH Consortium for the realization of the GALILEO system. In 2010 it joined the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) as an Associate Member. The company is continually promoting the knowledge about geospatial technologies and applications in the Italian market, through the organization of free training events and on-line courses aimed to spread the awareness about interoperability, open standards and geospatial applications.
In order to satisfy customer requirements and his operational practices, Planetek Italia offers consultancy services, training and development to realize software for planning, designing, management and monitoring of the territory. Planetek Italia provides support for the implementation of spatial data infrastructures, realizes feasibility studies and analysis of information needs, design and realization of land-related databases, processing of remote sensing satellite images, design and development of application softwares.
Planetek Italia was founded in 1994 when four young entrepreneurs started its business venture providing products and services for geomatic and space sector, and still this is the goal of the company.
Planetek Italia implements Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI) and develops WebGIS systems, based on proprietary and open standard formats, enabling thus the information sharing and the interoperability of databases. The solutions offered are tailored on users and administrators needs.

Which role(s) do you foresee for the SDIC in INSPIRE development

  • submit reference material as input to the Drafting Teams
  • yes
  • implement pilot projects to test/revise/develop the draft Implementing Rules
  • yes
  • collect and describe user requirements related to Environmental policies
  • yes
  • register a project to test/revise/develop the draft Implementing Rules
  • yes
  • contribute to awareness raising and training
  • yes
  • be kept informed
  • yes
    Geographic Domain
    Europe and Africa
    Societal Sector
    Private Sector
    Specific Expertise
    Previous Experience relevant for INSPIRE development
    Planetek Italia is supporting the establishment of SDIs within local to national initiatives, including several Italian information systems at regional and national level. The company is involved in the EC Framework Programmes (FP6/FP7) and the Global Monitoring for Environment and Security Programme, contributing with open and standards-based technology to integrate geospatial information services.
    Environmental application domains
    Planetek Italia realizes applications for agriculture, forestry, water, oil & gas, defense & security, civil protection, environment, tourism and territorial marketing, fleet monitoring, space software and planetary exploration.
    Primary Business
    Planetek Italia S.r.l. is a leading multidisciplinary Geographical Information Services (GIS) and Earth Observation consultancy company, focused on environmental and land management, software development, consulting/technical services, remote sensing and system integration.