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Spatial Data Infrastructures for Agricultural and Environmental Purposes
Mission and Objectives: 
The overall mission of this SDIC is to establish GeoInformation-Technology as a definite key-technology in european Agriculture (a vision, not yet reached). Its first target area is Germany. But it is already formulated in the list of aims, that its activities will as soon as possible concern the european level as well. This vision needs aims. To reach this vision, one aim will be, to push the idea of using geo-services based on international standardization efforts within the agro-application-domain to especially: give easy access to all relevant geoinformation, optimize communication-processes between agricultural actors and any other third-party (to which e.g. environmental agencies etc. belong), stimulate the agro-geo-business. The SDIC will try to reach the aim by: (note: following list shouldn't be seen as terminal) providing all concerned parties, actors with information about the topic, generating awareness, building networks, describing user needs, describing recent and future use cases, under special consideration of top-topics like WFD, IACS, tracking and tracing in agro-production and cross-compliance, bringing together similar activies from the agro-sector; e.g. the definition of a standardized agro-exchange format (catchword: agroXML)[Note: a first meeting between the corresponding working groups has been taken place in October 2005 and its in discussion sort of a agroGML in collaboration with the OGC], offering workshops, conference dealing with this topic [a first workshop has taken place in spring 2005; a european conference is planned for the second half of 2007 in Berlin, Germany], the publication of a position paper, especially describing agro-requirements (a second draft is recently under elaboration), formulating data-/information requirements from the agricultural point of view, evaluating recent and elaborating future agro-data-models, evaluating existing and required service-types for the needs of the agro-community.
Formal Mandate: 
It can be foreseen that one of the most important if not "the" cristallisation-core(s) for this SDIC will be the working -group "Spatial Data Infrastructures and GeoServices" of the Association for Technology and Structures in Agriculture (see It has been newly founded at the beginning of 2005, coming from the former working group "GIS in agricultural conflict-management". This working group decided to split up into two new groups: "SDIs & GI-Services" and "GIS in the WFD". The mission and objectives of the SDI-working-group go hand in hand with the mission and objectives of the SDIC described in this document so that it may not be amazing if the working-group itself and its members will become the SDIC. The SDI-group of the KTBL is a public-private initiative. It will be open for all interested parties. They have already formulated one goal: the elaboration of an agricultural position paper concerning the relevance and the agricultural requirements to SDIs and Geo-Services (see also main activities). Note: the working-group mentioned above has with regard to position 5 "formal mandate" none of the listed mandates, but has an institutional mandate coming from the KTBL.
Running working-groups. Holding meetings. Offering workshops and conferences. Note: the working-group SDIs & Geo-Services from the KTBL has hold a workshop titled "Spatial Data Infrastructures and Geo-Services - Perspectives for Agriculture" on 31th May and first of June 2005 in Frankfurt a.M., Germany at the Federal Institute for Cartography and Geodesy, strategically supported by the Center for GeoInformation (CeGI;, the Secreteriat of the Interministerial Committee for GeoInformation (IMAGI;, the Federal Ministry of Consumer Protection, Food and Agriculture (BMVEL; and INSPIRE [Note: this workshop has successfully been hold in Frankfurt; Dr. L. Bernard attended and gave the audience a perspective with regard to INSPIRE]. Elaborating and publishing a positional paper Note (concerning position 7 "SDIC URL"): the SDIC, respectively the working the working SDIs and Geo-Services will become a URL [Note: we have no own official internet site yet, but first informations can be obtained via].
Though an offical membership-list does not exist yet, most members will come from/be: agricultural administration, farmers, agro-industry, agro-software representatives, GIS-industry in general, state and national ministries dealing with agro-environmental aspects, cadastral- and mapping-agencies ...

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