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Spatial Data Interest Community HUNAGI
Mission and Objectives: 
To promote, stimulate, encourage and support the development and use of GI and its associated technologies To strengthen the institutional linkage between the multidisciplinary GI communities in Hungary and in abroad To provide platform and expert fora by multiagency and PPP facilitating the NSDI development To promote the access and use of GI by improving coordination, co-operation, networking, collaboration, knowledge transfer and exchange of information on European and Global level SDIC-HUNAGI provides representation and visibility of the GI community's interest in the European and Global fora
Formal Mandate: 
HUNAGI is a non-profit, interdisciplinary umbrella organisation founded on 9th November 1994, registred by Court on 8th January 1996 and upgraded and re-registered as a public-benefit society by the Capital Court of Budapest on 14th August 2002. The action and financial plans are reviewed and approved by the Annual General Assembly of the member institutions (109 so far). The activity of HUNAGI is recognised by the governmental institutions and agencies. It was selected to run an ad hoc committee on the elaboration of the national spatial data infrastructure strategy by the Strategic Subcommittee of the Interministerial Committee on Information Society orchestrated by the Ministry of Informatics and Communication. The activities are supported by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences too. Key roles include: GI policy maker Knowledge and information supplier Public relations, awareness raising and promotion of GI programme/project assistance and support political interface and lobbyist mediator, negotiator promoter of standards and mutual recognition of certificates facilitator of education and training
Workshops Seminars Conferences Projets Publications Lobbying These activities are done by weekly frequency. An up-to date description of the past 5 years can be found in the recent paper: "Spatial Data Interest Community in Hungary networking interdisciplinary stakeholders to share the Digital Earth vision" presented at the 4th ISDE Meeting held in Tokyo in April 2005. The paper can be downloaded from the website: About... Presentations The continuously updated website contains a detailed listing on the past year's events and actions too: About... Leaflet The actions are related to the EU programs and projects, the INSPIRE initiative, the PSI, the GMES, Galileo and with events in close collaboration with UN, European and Global organisations. Forthcoming important events hosted by SDIC HUNAGI: CEOS WGISS Meeting, Budapest, Summer 2006 AGILE Conference, Budapest, 2006 ISPRS WG iV/1 Spatial Data Infrastructure Conference, Budapest Autumn 2007 6th Digital Earth Conference, Budapest, Autumn 2009 (bid submitted, will be evaluated at the Digital Earth Summit in Auckland in early 2006 or at the 5th ISDE in San Frasnisco in 2007)
SDIC HUNAGI has 109 member institutions from academia, government, nNGOs and private sector, plus 8 project management of countrywide projects as well as 34 student members. A full listings of the members can be downloaded from the website: Members...
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Which role(s) do you foresee for the SDIC in INSPIRE development

  • submit reference material as input to the Drafting Teams
  • yes
  • participate in the review process
  • yes
  • contribute to awareness raising and training
  • yes
  • be kept informed
  • yes
    Geographic Domain
    Most of the domain where GI/GIS is a tool
    Societal Sector
    Mix of Governmental, NGOs, Academic and Private sector
    Specific Expertise
    Specific Expertise: 
    Previous Experience relevant for INSPIRE development
    Nominated by HUNAGI several member representatives took part in the INSPIRE WG activiites (2002-2003) On domestic level, learly all of the items in Annex I and II data are used or produced by the members of HUNAGI. Coordination is still open to be solved asap
    Environmental application domains
    Nature conservation, Biotops, Protected sites, Environmental monitoring, Plant health, Education, Knowledge transfer
    Primary Business
    Mapping, Remote Sensing, Agriculture, Environment, Nature Protection, Land management, Geology, Water management, Forestry, Soil Conservation etc.