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Spot Image
Mission and Objectives: 
Spot Image is a world leader in the supply of geographic information derived from satellite imagery Spot Image is the worldwide distributor of geographic information products and services derived from the Spot Earth observation satellites, including the Vegetation instrument flown on SPOT 4 and 5. Spot Image also distributes complementary optical and radar data acquired by other satellites offering low to very high resolution images. Spot Image was appointed by CNES as sole commercial operator of the SPOT satellites, the first of which was placed in orbit in 1986. Spot Image acquires the SPOT data through a receiving station at its premises In Toulouse and via a network of partner stations around the world.
Formal Mandate: 
Private organisation. Worldwide distributor of Earth Data from satellite and sole commercial operator for SPOT and Pleiades constellation
Spot Image distributes products and services derived from multiple sources of satellite data. Drawing on the resources of its industrial and commercial partners, Spot Image designs and sells: - packaged offers of off-the-shelf products and corresponding services, - customized solutions for many fields of application. There are already several operational projects in the fields of cartography, urban planning, agriculture and monitoring in general. Spot Image runs the Spot system: For almost 20 years, Spot Image's principal activity has involved operating and optimizing its satellite resources. The company thus provides its customers with a unique, complete service, including: - programming of satellites for image acquisition, - receiving and archiving telemetry, - making geographic information products. Other Activities: Spot Image, along with its partners, is committed to various programmes whose purpose is to make Earth observation images available for worthy causes such as natural and man-made disasters, humanitarian missions, global surveillance of the environment, international security and peace keeping, education and research
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    Geographic Domain
    Societal Sector
    central government, regional./local government, public works, private sector, research, education ...
    Specific Expertise
    Previous Experience relevant for INSPIRE development
    Different expertise on transverse project such as ESA and OGC projects. Spot Image is playing an active role in the GMES programme, a European initiative to mobilize Earth observation assets to monitor the environment and enhance security. It is involved in a number of projects defining GMES services and organization. BOSS4GMES (Building Operational Sustainable Services for GMES) BOSS4GMES aims to lay the technical, contractual and financial foundations required for GMES to make the transition to operational status. The project is focusing on services for emergency management and monitoring of land surfaces and oceans. Co-funded by the European Commission under the 6th Framework Research and Development Programme (FP6), BOSS4GMES is being led by a 45-member consortium headed by Infoterra UK. Spot Image’s main contribution to the project is to analyse the technical, economic and organizational mechanisms to be put in place to exploit Earth observation (EO) data for hazard management and disaster response services. LIMES (Land and Sea Monitoring for European Security) LIMES aims to define and develop a prototype of an information system for managing security across Europe for humanitarian relief and reconstruction missions, terrestrial and maritime border control, and protection against emerging threats (terrorism, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, etc.). Co-funded by the European Commission under FP6, LIMES is being led by a 45-member consortium headed by Telespazio. It kicked off in December 2006 and will run for 4 years. Spot Image is developing and prototyping innovative EO solutions for security applications Spot Image is working with the European Space Agency (ESA) to design and implement new Earth observation (EO) data access infrastructures. These infrastructures will enable all satellites contributing to GMES to operate in a coordinated fashion, thereby ensuring true interoperability between space missions. Spot Image will implement the technologies and standards developed by these projects in the ground segments of the SPOT and PLEIADES satellites. The Heterogeneous Missions Accessibility (HMA) project aims to develop a portal for ESA to enable users to access data from the main European EO satellites (TerraSAR-X, SPOT, Pleiades, Cosmo, etc.) and provide standardized access for GMES service suppliers. The portal will ensure interoperability of catalogue, mission planning and online data access systems. Participation in the Open Geospatial Consortium(OGC). Spot Image has been actively involved with the OGC’s testbeds since 2002. These testbeds offer Spot Image a unique opportunity to develop and test new Web-based GIS technologies. Most developments on the testbeds have found applications in ESA projects. For example, WCTS was tested on the OWS2 testbed (OGC Web Services) and implemented in NSI, and more recently in SPS (Sensor Planning Service), which was tested on OWS4 and is set to become the standardized multi-mission tasking interface for the HMA project. The next testbed (OWS5) scheduled to get underway is expected to focus on online data access and processing.
    Environmental application domains
    farming and forestry, fisheries, land management and planning, telecoms, geology and risk mitigation, Defence, Intelligence, Security
    Primary Business
    Surveying , Mapping , Photogrammetry , Remote Sensing