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SITR - Sistema Informativo Territoriale Regionale
Mission and Objectives: 
General objective of the project is to constitute a System Informative Territorial Regional commune among all the institutions that act on the useful territory to a knowledge, interpretation and management of the transformations territorial net condivisibile among all the subjects, avoiding wastes and useless overlaps of actions or, worse, her not confrontability of the data. To such end the Regional Administrations, Provincial and the Communes to avoid overlaps, duplications and conflittuality in the activities of harvest and data management on the activity of planning will have to contribute to the formation of a net of SIT, that, through the direct interconnection and the sharing of methodic and you register common, the interchange, the application cooperation, the interoperativity and the riuso, hand to the formation of documents of base (digital cartography formed GIS) and sectorial homogeneous. The finality of the respective knowledges to make congruent and to increase the quality and the utility of the information singly acquired, can contribute not only to the improvement of the interpretation of the resources and their best management, but it allows the formation, to level of Local Corporate body, of network of city finalized to the promotion of the local development, to the strengthening of the services to the citizens and the enterprises, to the increase of the relationships with the global nets of city. The model of Regional Territorial Informative System that proposes him is not centralized, but "to hierarchical net", in which every knot (the Department regional Urbanism, the Provincies, the chief towns of province and the middle centers), through protocols of verification and validation of the data, can constantly implement the knowledge on the Sicilian territory and to furnish, as reverted, interpretative pictures for the development regional profits is to the public administrations that to the private subjects. The net diffusion of the territorial knowledges, would increase besides the opportunities of new working activities for which you/they would open new spaces for the high formation. The Project of network of the territorial informative systems finalized to the promotion of networking of the middle cities calls the local Corporate body to a new role: that to become promoting asset of the net of the local subjects. Opportunity give offered by the network of community, local realities can derive a greater competitive ability. The dimension of the SITR, in which communicative potentialities are expressed to the best and I are able to bring assistant value, is that of the community, or of the whole consumers that, I moved by a common interest, they interact online effecting of the transactions and of the exchanges that are able to create assistant value. Likewise, the net of the SIT can be a mean of ideal communication for the local community, for that whole subjects, that is, whose common interest is consequential from the spatial proximity. The promotion of the territory as "system interconnected of SIT", you/he/she can favor the birth of virtual districts of local development (productive, tourist, cultural). it deals with the creation of nets local telematiche devoted to the small ones and averages it undertook with the objective of rivitalizzare the competitive advantages of our local system, stimulating I develop him/it integrated of the territory through the connection of the firms to other poles of the regional system, or with the global system of the enterprises. Objective territorial of the Project SITR is to create a virtual space telematizzato, centered on the middle cities as poles of local districts, where the enterprises can receive information and services to tall added value and contemporarily to exchange products and services among them.
Formal Mandate: 
Regional Government
For the realization of the project SITR, him and stipulated an Accord of Program among the Sicilian Region, the 9 regional provinces and the 31 communes and you are been constituted near the Department Urbanism the following structures: The operational Group of address, of whose functions are: - tutorato of the system for the verification in progress of the coherence with the general objectives of the project and with the individualized procedures; - address in the selection and formation of the employed personnel and control of the training in progress of work; - monitoraggio and evaluation of the attainment of one "least threshold of quality" in every knot of the net; - promotion and consultation for the expansion of the system, for the activation of politics of local development and for connection of the knots with other network. The Committee of coordination with advisory functions, in which the Department of the urbanism is present the regional Departments interested by the project SITR, the regional Provinces and some representatives of the 31 communes. The Committee can be integrated with teachers university experts in connected subjects. L' Technical Unity of Program, with functions of coordination, planning, control and monitoraggio of the realization of the I Grant of program and interface with the structures to the various levels foreseen by the same Accord. The project of the SITR integrates him and correlates with the project SICS Sistema informative Sicilian Inventory that has been financed by the MIT in the first notice of And-GOV. The project "Regional Territorial Informative System" you/he/she is effected through a series of N interventions of which are defined in the succession the principal characteristics. The project sees involved the Sicilian Region Assessorato Territorio and Environment Department of Urbanism, the 9 regional Provinces as well as the 31 Communes with superior population to 30.000 inhabitants: Acireale, Adrano, Agrigento, Alcamo, August, Bleak, Bagheria, Barcellona, Caltagirone, Caltanissetta, Canicattì, Castelvetrano, Catania, Enna, Erice, Favara, Freezes, Licata, Marsala, Mazzara of the Go him/it, Messina, Milazzo, Misterbianco, Moderate, Palermo, Paternò, Ragusa, Sciacca, Syracuse, Trapani, Victoria. Near the Department of Urbanism the Regional Center of the Territorial Informative System is founded in hierarchical connection with the 9 provincial knots and the 31 town knots. To the actual state the endowment HW and SW and the connettivity of the Regional Center of the SITR you/he/she has been completed, while for how much it concerns to the provincial and town knots the competition it is in progress of accomplishment for their endowment. The expectation formative intervention for the inside personnel to the PA and outside, to recruit through selection it publishes it is in progress of accomplishment. The SITR, finds moments of connection with other three denominated informative systems SIRA "Environmental Regional informative System", SIF "Informative System of the Forests" and SICS "System Informative Sicilian Inventory." The SIRA and the SIF are realized with the resources of the P.O.R. Sicily 2000-2006 while the SICS is realized with the resources to cofinanziamento of which to the "The I Tell of and-government."
In action near the Region they are already developed and you realize some lines of intervention that have the tendency to constitute the whole basic cartographic regional is to staircase 1:10.000 that to staircase 1.2000 for the inhabited centers in formed GIS. The actual bank-data cartographic they are constituted from: Color digital " Ortofoto to the nominal staircase 1:10.000 of the denominated program "IT2000." The picture of union of the ortofotos is constituted by that some sections of the Regional Technical Paper in staircase 1:10.000. You adopted cartographic representation is that of Gauss, with reported plain coordinates to the national cartographic system Gauss-Boaga. The digital ortofoto is the product of the differential raddrizzamento of the image aerofotogrammetria digitalizzata, georeferenziata in the national geodetic-cartographic system (Roma40 - Gauss-Boaga) and geometrizzata on the base of a digital model of the ground (DTM) realized with regular grate of 40 ms in coordinates terrestrial. " The Regional Technical Paper The paper is realized in staircase 1:10000 from the Assessorato Regional Territory and Environment. The C.T.R. you/he/she is represented in the projection of Gauss, framed in the Unified European Geographical system, but with reported plain coordinates to the national system Gauss-Boaga, with the endowment of the priority layers - DBPrior10k: "VIABILITY - IDROGRAFIA." The project of the Basic Date of the priority layers of reference essential to the staircase 1:10.000 were conceived within the jobs of the agreement State - Regions - Local Corporate body for the realization sent you of banks given of general interest. The whole the layers that you/they constitute the DBPrior10k is the following: Grafo viability Built beginning from the containing CTR the mezzeria of all the asphalted roads, of the railroads and all of their intersections. Indication of typology of intersections, bridges, stations, areas of service, etc. Grafo idrografia Container the mezzeria of the whole layer present idrografico on the CTR, the mirrors of water and the basins and sub-basins idrografici. Nature of the mirror of water (lake, pond, swamp, artificial basin, etc); Source of direct extrapolation of different elementary themes, with subdivision in classes: " Type, Width, is of the roads or of the railroads (in exercise, in construction); " Functional (speedway, extraurbana 1?, extraurbana 2?), Administrative; " Nature of the course of water, Name, Hierarchization, Basin idrografico of affiliation; Natural " rivers, artificial canalizations. For how much it concerns the regional technical paper in staircase 1:2000 for all the inhabited centers, in formed GIS, is in progress of realization. I " plan thematic LARA/Elaborazioni The project reenters within the PON "Safety for the development of the midday of Italy" and it will allow to get a regional coverage effected with aerial flight and sensor multispettrale MIVIS. Such supports guarantee an interpretation multispettrale with fields of application among the most disparate. The LARA therefore, it allows to perform activity of: to) search and global or sectorial planning b) execution and processamento of a series of reliefs iperspettrali through airborne sensor MIVIS of geographical areas c) professional formation The LARA can operate in the correlated tematismis to the following disciplines: to) volcanology b) agriculture c) forests d) urbanism and) archaeology f) others.
Assessorato Territorio and Environment Department of Urbanism, the 9 regional Provinces as well as the 31 Communes with superior population to 30.000 inhabitants: Acireale, Adrano, Agrigento, Alcamo, August, Bleak, Bagheria, Barcellona, Caltagirone, Caltanissetta, Canicatti, Castelvetrano, Catania, Enna, Erice, Favara, Freezes, Licata, Marsala, Mazzara of the Go him/it, Messina, Milazzo, Misterbianco, Moderate, Palermo, Paternò, Ragusa, Sciacca, Syracuse, Trapani, Victoria.

Which role(s) do you foresee for the SDIC in INSPIRE development

  • submit reference material as input to the Drafting Teams
  • yes
  • allocate experts to Drafting Teams
  • yes
  • participate in the review process
  • yes
  • implement pilot projects to test/revise/develop the draft Implementing Rules
  • yes
  • register a project to test/revise/develop the draft Implementing Rules
  • yes
    Geographic Domain
    Regione Siciliana
    Societal Sector
    Regional - Local Government and Decision Support System
    Specific Expertise
    Previous Experience relevant for INSPIRE development
    Region Siciliana has already gained a lot of experience in the field of interoperability and accessibility of territorial information.
    Primary Business