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Swedish Rescue Services Agency
Mission and Objectives: 
We refer to the chapters of Mandate and Main activites.
Formal Mandate: 
National Government
The Swedish Rescue Services Agency is a government authority that promotes practice that improves emergency prevention and response, and in the event of an incident/accident limits injury and damage. This is achieved by imparting information, by running training courses and holding exercises, and through supervision etc. The objective of the municipal fire & rescue services is to ensure that the general public is provided with a reasonable degree of safety in relation to local risks. The Swedish Rescue Services Agency is the central supervisory government authority for the rescue services. Its tasks include examining co-ordination between the various branches of the national rescue services, as well as contingency planning by the county administrative boards for the rescue services in the event of a release of radioactive substances. The agency also collates observations and lessons learned from serious emergencies that have occurred at home and abroad. It also develops methods and equipment for use by the rescue services; and is responsible for the training of all personnel in the municipal fire & rescue services and in the chimney sweeping service. In addition, the agency implements regulations for safety in relation to the road and rail transport of dangerous goods, and co-ordinates the work of the supervisory authorities in this field. Extra resources for the rescue services In the event of oil emissions, equipment from one of the agency’s five oil-combating depots may be used. The agency also has seven depots holding equipment and trained personnel for use when responding to chemical emergencies. Furthermore, the government has an agreement with six municipalities, which states that they are to assist the Swedish Maritime Administration and the Swedish Coast Guard with emergency operations at sea. The Swedish Rescue Services Agency maintains a state of emergency preparedness to assist other countries with rescue and humanitarian aid operations.
Working groups, technical specifications development, projects, GIS support, co-ordination and distribution of geographical information.
Membership in different national and international associations in fire & rescue, risk management, health, cartography, standardization, administration etc.

Which role(s) do you foresee for the SDIC in INSPIRE development

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    Geographic Domain
    Societal Sector
    Central government authority
    Specific Expertise
    Previous Experience relevant for INSPIRE development
    E.g. SRSA is responsible for mapping of stability and floods. Development of a user-friendly geographic information centre for internal use (database with geo data/information), accessible via the intranet for use at our agency. The development of the geo centre started with purpose to increase the knowledge and interest of geo data as well as to co-ordinate the purchase of geo data at SRSA. Training
    Environmental application domains
    E.g. man-made Hazard Management, Floods & extreme weather Prevention, Management Landslide Prevention, Forest Fire Prevention and Management
    Primary Business
    Public safety