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Geographic Information Standards Initiative in Sweden
Mission and Objectives: 
Stanlis mission is to contribute to the establishment and use of a spatial data infrastructure in Sweden Stanlis objective is to - offer a user driven forum which public and private sector stakeholders can use in co-operation to develop, adopt, publish and maintain standards, guidelines and other relevant material - participate in international and european standardisation in geographic information and to build on the output from those communities - provide a repeatable methodology for developing, adopting, publishing and maintaining implementation specifications for specific application (or thematic) domains (e.g. transport, hydrography, utilities, …) - set up and run projects initiated, lead and resourced by the stake holders - facilitate understanding and implementation of standards through news letter, courses, seminars and other outreach activities - provide user support and collect feed back
Formal Mandate: 
Stanli is the project area for geographic information within SIS, Swedish Standards Institute. SIS has its mandate a) from SSR and b) from its 1450 or so members ……. SIS/Stanli has its mandate directly from the the Stanli member organisations within the public and private sector, see below. As from September 2007 we also have an letter of understanding between NLS SDI-committee and the SIS/Stanli Steering Committee on Stanlis continued role i establishing a national SDI in Sweden.
The Stanli work programme P-member of ISO/TC 211 Geographic information/geomatics with expert contributions to several work items, e.g. ISO 19136 GML, 19xxx Profiles, 191xx Quality, Metadata, 19106 Rules for application schemas P-member of CEN/TC 287. Participate in CEN/TC 287/WG 1 …… Guidelines for Interoperable GIS with ISO 19100, first ed. published 2004. SS 63 70 03, 2:nd ed. Geographic information – Locational addresses – Concept model and application schema (to be published Nov. 2007) SS 63 70 04-1:2006 Geographic information – Road and rail network – Part 1: Concept model and application schema SS 63 70 04-2 Geographic information – Road and rail network – Part 2: Feature Catalogue for Road related Information (complete) SS 63 70 05:2000 Geographic information – Utilities networks – Concept model and application schema (only in Swedish) SS 63 70 06:2006 Geographic information – Generic representation of geographic features SS 63 70 07:2006 Geographic information – Representation of changes in datasets SS 63 70 08:2006 Geographic information – Surface water systems – Conceptual model and application schema User support Awareness raising and training: Media communication, Electronic news letter, www, speakers at conferences, seminars and courses
Members of the Geographic Information Standards Initiative in Sweden (Stanli) Banverket (Swedish Rail Administration) Elforsk Esri Sweden AB EuroRoadS Eurostep AB Swedish Defense Material Administration Swedish Armed Forces Guide Konsult Sweden AB Swedish Emergency Management Agency National Land Survey of Sweden Swedish Environmental Protection Agency Posten Sverige AB The National Post and Telecom Agency, PTS Swedish Maritime Administration International Board of Forestry Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute Stiftelsen Teknikdalen City of Stockholm, The City of Stockholms Executive Office Svensk Adressändring AB The Swedish Association of Local Authorities/ Federation of County Councils Geological Survey of Sweden Syntell AB Teleadress Tekla Software Triona Swedish Development Council for Land Information WM-data AB WM-data Caran AB Swedish Road Administration (SRA)
Comments on typology Stanli is a national, multi thematic and multi sectorial organisation, c.f. membership list.

Which role(s) do you foresee for the SDIC in INSPIRE development

  • submit reference material as input to the Drafting Teams
  • yes
  • participate in the review process
  • yes
  • contribute to awareness raising and training
  • yes
    Geographic Domain
    Societal Sector
    regional./local government, public works, private sector
    Specific Expertise
    Specific Expertise: 
    Previous Experience relevant for INSPIRE development
    Stanli (its members and their representatives participating in the work) has 15 years experience of working with geographic information standardisation, developing, adopting, publishing and maintaining data specifications. So far our focus has been mainly on data description and data transfer. We understand and use concept modelling techniques as well as formal description techniques such as UML and XML and we have, within our membership, expert knowledge of many of the standards in the ISO 19100 series relevant to Inspire, e.g. GML and Metadata. We also have developed a repeatable methodology for developing, adopting, publishing and maintaining data specifications/implementation rules for different purposes, e.g. transport (road and rail network), hydrography (surface water network) etc.
    Environmental application domains
    Standards currently under development are relevant in connection with e.g. Monitoring Wetland, Monitoring Coastal areas, Monitoring Water pollution, Spatial Planning, Transport development, Water Resources Management, Coastal Zone Management, Floods & extreme weather Prevention and Management, …
    Primary Business
    SIS/Stanlis primary business is within standardization and aims to provide data specifications etc. enabling geographic information interoperability within and between any business area producing or using geographic information, e.g. Telecom, Energy, Water utilities, Emergency services, Public safety, Environmental Management, Agriculture, Transport, Software development, Surveying, Mapping …
    INSPIRE Data Themes