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Transport Network ITS Spatial Data
Mission and Objectives: 
TN-ITS is a deployment platform to facilitate the provision and exchange of ITS spatial data between public authorities and third parties throughout Europe Goals of TN-ITS: Act as an enabler for the implementation of action 1.3 of the ITS Action Plan in the EU Member States and beyond by: • supporting the provision and exchange of ITS spatial data between public authorities and third parties • aligning with the INSPIRE framework legally, organisationally and technically Mission of TN-ITS • facilitate and support the provision of accurate navigation and location services to citizens by standardising the exchange of spatial data • provide an overall framework enhancing effectiveness of operations & reducing costs • improving the quality of ITS spatial data and their timely updating • develop & maintain a set of harmonised specifications aligned with INSPIRE • support members through guidelines, tools and services and through a pool of experts • solve potential legal issues • establish best practices for geo- referencing ITS spatial data • provide a solution for quality control and monitoring
Formal Mandate: 
Following up on the recommendations, the revived iMobility Forum Digital Map Working Group (DMWG) supported by the EU project eMaPS initiated the establishment of an EU-wide independent organisation (Transport Network ITS Spatial Data, TN-ITS) to support the exchange of ITS spatial data between public authorities and third parties.
TN-ITS is main activities: ? Gather an extensive list of active public authorities at local, regional and national levels committed to the deployment of a road data exchange infrastructure; ? Create a pool of experts to support the implementation of a road data exchange infrastructure in the member states; ? Maintain and update the ROSATTE specifications through a centralised change request process; ? Write comprehensive implementation guidelines to support new implementations; ? Define procedures for making ROSATTE services searchable in (third party) metadata platforms2. Where possible, implement metadata supply to such platforms; ? Promote the development and improvement of map-related tools and services especially with regards to quality assurance and on-the-fly location referencing issues; ? Clarify with member states the legal and licensing aspects related to using the ROSATTE framework for public authorities who provide data to commercial map makers; ? Raise awareness and cooperate at international level on the topic
Road owners/administrations, mapmakers and other users of ITS data.

Which role(s) do you foresee for the SDIC in INSPIRE development

  • submit reference material as input to the Drafting Teams
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  • register a project to test/revise/develop the draft Implementing Rules
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    Standardization and developing specifications, methods for creating specifications and developing exchange mechanism
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