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Use case “Assessing Energy Performance of Buildings with dynamic measured data”

This use case aims to develop a methodology to assess the energy performance of buildings identifying climate dependent energy and end-user energy. The results obtained from the application of the methodology will support decision-making process for refurbishment, renovation and management of building energy flows. The final aim of the use case will be the up-scaling of the energy use in buildings to district level and beyond, by proper implementation of geospatial data, re-using the INSPIRE principles.

The specific objectives of the use case are:

  • analyse/compare existing methods to assess the energy performance of buildings with dynamic measured data from metering and in-situ measurements;
  • define requirements for input data, including interval of observations
  • validate the selected methods with measured data from field experimental work or from metering readings (e.g. electricity, heat, gas and water) and link the different data sources to an uncertainty assessment
  • up-scale with a proper implementation on the INSPIRE Directive.


More details about a preliminary study are available in this technical report .

Continuation of the use case activities is foreseen in the frame of a multilateral non-monetary collaboration agreement currently under finalisation.