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Geometry Specification
Information defining the specification used to create or derive this geographic position of the address.
NOTE 1 Multiple address points can be derived from one polygon spatial object.

NOTE 2 If the position of an address is derived from a polygon spatial object a number of different approaches is used.

EXAMPLE 1 The same point (e.g., centre point of the polygon) is used for each address, thus, multiple address points will be overlapping.

EXAMPLE 2 Each point position is unique within the polygon to be able to visually distinguish the representation of each address.
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Code list values

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Label Parent Governance level Status
address area eu-legal Valid
admin unit 1st order eu-legal Valid
admin unit 2nd order eu-legal Valid
admin unit 3rd order eu-legal Valid
admin unit 4th order eu-legal Valid
admin unit 5th order eu-legal Valid
admin unit 6th order eu-legal Valid
building eu-legal Valid
entrance eu-legal Valid
parcel eu-legal Valid
postal delivery eu-legal Valid
postal descriptor eu-legal Valid
segment eu-legal Valid
thoroughfare access eu-legal Valid
utility service eu-legal Valid