karst and chemical weathering features

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karst and chemical weathering features
Geomorphologic landscapes and landforms dominated by mineral dissolution, and commonly, subsurface drainage.
Landscape-scale features include karst landscapes developed on carbonate or evaporitic rocks (i.e. cockpit karst, cone karst, kegel karst, sinkhole karst and tower karst) and landscapes developed on siliceous cristalline and metamorphic rocks (i.e. granite landscapes). Landform-scale, natural geomorphologic karstic and chemical weathering-related features include solution platforms, pavement karst, karst valleys or uvala (i.e. blind valleys, and interior valleys or polje), caves, sinkholes/dolines (i.e. solution sinkholes, collapse sinkholes, and cockpits), swallow holes, karst cones and towers, pinnacles, boulder piles, tors and chemical weathering yardangs. Other karst and chemical weathering features are for example karren, cutter, and solution pipes, chimneys, fisures and corridors. Tafoni and weathering pits, related to salt weathering, are common microfeatures developed on the exposed surfaces of siliceous clastic sedimentary rocks, and of siliceous cristalline and metamorphic rocks.
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